Convention Virtual Choir

November 03, 2020
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The annual diocesan convention is a time to celebrate our life together as a community. Our celebration looks a little different this year (thanks to the pandemic), but we can still lift our voices in praise with a virtual choir.

Mary Chapman, Music Director at Holy Communion in University City, is organizing people throughout the diocese to make this choir happen. If you love to sing, please be a part of this project!


Our song is "We Walk in Love," words by Deanna Witkowski and Lemuel Colon; music by Deanna Witkowski.

All the information is here, including detailed instructions and guidelines. 

To make your video, you will need:

  • a recording device (such as your phone)
  • a separate device to play and listen to the Click Track
  • head/earphones
  • sheet music (sent as an email attachment)--if you’re not printing out a hard copy of the sheet music, you
  • may need another device to display the sheet music. (You may be able to use the same device you’re
  • using for the Click Track to display the sheet music.)
  • a quiet space with carpet floor
  • a phone stand or makeshift stand using books and whatnot

Follow all the instructions and send your video to Mary Chapman using one of the several methods listed in the guidelines no later than November 13 at 5 p.m. 

Download info and music here:

Questions? Contact Mary Chapman


Author: Janis Greenbaum
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