Deacon's Quiet Day

September 28, 2020
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by Deacon Kevin McGrane, Sr. 

The Order of Deacons gathered this month with Bishop Deon Johnson for their very first Quiet Day of 2020.

Thirteen of the deacons from around the diocese gathered on Saturday, Sept. 20, to engage in a retreat-style day of quiet and recollection led by Bishop Deon, meeting virtually via Zoom in their respective homes.   

The scheduling of the agenda was unique to the parameters of Zoom meetings, separated into three sections. After opening prayers and remarks by Bishop Deon, a scripture passage was read, and the deacons were given a meditation question to consider during the next hour or so by themselves, off Zoom. After a period of personal quiet, the deacons reconvened on Zoom to discuss and share some of their thoughts and revelations on the meditation questions. The day ran from 10 a.m. to 6  p.m.

The individual quiet periods of the deacons ranged from sitting quietly on a porch, puttering in a garden, taking a walk, or some other mild activity, all the while praying over the verses and questions we had received, questions such as:

  • How will we live in peace today? 
  • How do you live into a time where the cries of celebration and lament grow louder around us?
  • How will we recognize the gifts of others who may differ from us?

Some of the deacons were selected ahead of the day to offer their own personal reflections on a specific section, seeding the discussion among us.  

By the followup comments by the Order, it was a complete success; comments such as,

“I did not imagine that a Quiet Day on Zoom would have turned out to be so inspirational!   Lots to think about and inspired by all the sharing we had.” 

"The day lifted my spirits.  The photo says everything about the joy of the day.  Look at the beautiful, genuine, easy smiles of us all.” 

”It was a blessing indeed!”

The Order hopes that this will be an annual or twice a year event, as it gives us an opportunity to gather for some reflection and personal reflection in our spiritual lives, and the chance to “gear down” for one day and rest in the love and contemplation of God. 


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