DAH 2020: Meet Bryan Moore

September 28, 2020
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by Bryan Moore, Deaconess Anne House Corps Member


Hello everyone!

My name is Bryan Moore and I am thrilled to be here at the Deaconess Anne House in St. Louis for the 2020-2021 year! I grew up in Columbia, TN just south of Nashville. I spent four years at the University of Memphis where I earned a bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences. I graduated in May so that makes me a Covid online graduate! I enjoy tennis, golf, camping, and all streaming services.

Growing up, I attended an Episcopal church camp in Monteagle, TN. I attended for eight years and was a counselor for one. So being involved in that and my home church really gave me a strong connection into the large and somehow small community of the Episcopal Church. Along into my senior year, I decided to take a GAP year between undergraduate and graduate schools and the Episcopal Service Corp was the perfect choice! Two of my counselors from the same church camp did ESC and landed here in St. Louis, so naturally, I had to make it a bonafide tradition.

I am working in Old North St. Louis as a program and development assistant at the Haven of Grace, which is a maternity facility for homeless pregnant women. The Haven of Grace is a three-stage program. Stage 1 provides room and board, maternity classes, resume building, therapy sessions, and job training for up to a year. Stage 2 provides transitional apartments for two years while the residents maintain employment. Stage 3 is an aftercare program which provides community resources for ten years so that the residents are able to stay self-sufficient. I am enjoying my time here because it's a program that has a positive impact on people’s lives and their children’s lives and that it is helping me grow my knowledge along the issues of race  and community struggles which people of my background need to know more about.

After this year ends, I plan to go to Occupational Therapy school. I’ll need God’s help on that front like we need him in all things. I know the rest of this year will be full of learning and exciting times. I hope to meet all of you along the way!


Author: Janis Greenbaum
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