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September 03, 2020
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by Janis Greenbaum, Communications Director
Believe it or not, it's time to make plans for our 2020 Diocesan Convention. This annual event will be held Nov. 19-21 and, as you may have guessed, it will be all virtual. 
I want to have a little fun and show off EVERY parish and organization in the diocese by making a "parish roll call" video to use during the convention. I would like each faith community to put together a super-short video to represent your parish or organization. The video should:
  • be no longer than 20 seconds;
  • include the name of your parish or community;
  • include the town or neighborhood you're in.
Here are some ideas:
  • Show pictures or video of your church building and its people
  • Show a ministry you're especially proud of
  • Mention something your community is known for
  • Mention your mission or vision statement
  • Use a group of people... or only one person
  • Imagine you're welcoming someone who has never been to your church before... what would you say?
DON'T OVERTHINK THIS... JUST HAVE FUN! Your video does not have to look professional -- just shoot it with your phone camera! 
Script Example:
  • Video: close-up on group of people - Bishop Deon standing in the middle - pull out to see them standing under the Arch
  • Audio: With more than 40 churches and faith communities following in the footsteps of Jesus... We welcome you to the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri! 
Please upload your video to this Dropbox file no later than OCTOBER 15:
If you absolutely can't get this project done on your own, give me a call and I will come and help you. I hope EVERY parish and EVERY group will be represented.
Can't wait to see your videos! 
Editor's note: Our original invitation included a reference to a video created by a political party. That reference was meant purely as an example of creative style and not an endorsement of that political party. I apologize if the reference offended anyone. That certainly was not the editor’s intent.

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