Order a Diocesan Face Mask

July 31, 2020
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Ever since the church paparazzi caught Canon Doris, Canon Whitney and Bishop Deon sporting their ultra-cool diocesan face masks, we've had several requests to distribute these safe and stylish items to others in the diocese.

After looking in to several possible options, the Bishop's staff has concluded that the easiest and safest way to offer these face masks to you is to give you the tools you need to create and order them yourselves.

Follow these steps:

1. Find an online company that sells custom-made face masks:
There are many companies that will do this. We used Canvas Discount:



2. (If you use the site above) Follow the directions to create your mask:

  • Set the print area to "centered"

  • Click here to download the new diocesan seal... and then upload the photo.

  • Select the number of masks to order (the more you order, the less expensive they are).
    (ask your friends if they'd like a new mask, too!)

  • Add it to your shopping cart.

  • Fill out the payment and shipping info.


3. Wait for your new face masks to be delivered... and enjoy!


*Please note: The diocese is in no way connected to Canvas Discount and does not personally endorse this company or guarantee the quality of  their products. 

Questions? Contact Janis at communications@diocesemo.org.


More Info

Need more information? Contact communications@diocesemo.org