A Statement from the Diocesan Commission for Dismantling Racism

June 06, 2020
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As people of faith in the Episcopal Church, we are called to a mission of reconciliation in the midst of the pain, anger and grieving that confronts us following the murder of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd and many others, all beloved children of God. We also know that we cannot be reconciled to God and each other until we confront and lament our sin of racism, committing ourselves to true penance and authentic work for justice. 

We stand in solidarity with all those whose righteous demands for justice ring in the streets.  We also call upon our community to continue its commitment and work to dismantle racism through action, self-reflection, education, and prayer. 

As the Commission for Dismantling Racism in the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri, we remain steadfast in our mission: “As people living our baptismal covenant, we see our diocese reconciled to God by challenging racism in ourselves and society.” We urge all communities of faith in the Diocese of Missouri to create or renew anti-racism ministries that will sustain and support action for racial justice both now and in the future. Your Commission for Dismantling Racism has strived for racial reconciliation since 1984. We are a resource and support for congregations and individuals who seek to renew and strengthen their work for racial justice, and we will continue to convene and lead our diocese in prayer, self-reflection, education and action.

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