Coronavirus Response: Maintaining Church Finances

March 18, 2020
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The following tips are offered by J. Davey Gerhard III, Executive Director of The Episcopal Network for Stewardship (TENS).  The Diocese of Missouri is a subscribing member of TENS and we invite our congregations to take advantage of their resources:
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As we move together in the coming weeks, TENS offers a few best practices to prevent cash-flow crises from exacerbating the challenges we will have in keeping programs that benefit our communities running and the staff our congregations employ being paid through the near term. 

  • For congregations which already have electronic giving set up as an option for pledge redemption and offerings, this is a good chance to promote it, to remind your congregants that they can easily sustain ministry through online gifts.

  • If you have not set up electronic giving yet, there are many options, and some of them take only minutes for your treasurer or someone with access to your accounts to set up. TENS recommends Click here to learn more.

  • Consider other options for electronic payment, such as PayPal and VenMo.

  • Keep your stewardship messaging about the mission. Your gifts are funding essential programs that your congregation offers to your neighbors

  • Encourage members who are able, to pay off their pledges early to avoid a cash-flow contraction

  • Remember to thank people for their generosity and encourage abundance in your community


Learn more about TENS here.

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