ECW News: St. Barnabas Craft Fair Success

January 13, 2020
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Submitted by Deborah Caby


On Saturday, Dec. 7, 2019, the Episcopal Church Women (ECW) of St. Barnabas in Florissant changed up their usual Vendor Fair (since 2014) to a Craft Fair following a dream by member, Karen Birr.  Karen felt the directive given to her by God was so clear, she had no choice but to follow and to urge the women of her ECW to follow.  This was met by some skepticism - why mess with previous success? - but when faith and determination intersect, watch out!

Walking through the door, we were met with the lovely music by the “Hope 3 Ways Trio” and greeted warmly by the women of St. Barnabas.  The atmosphere was one of peace, companionship and appreciation of each other's talents. The crafters all shared the same goal of producing the products with their own hands, not ordering them from a factory.  Their hearts were in each homemade product the crafters presented for sale. 

As member Mary Anselmo said, “Up until a week ago, I was not too sure about this change, but with so much faith, how could I not support her?  I grabbed a few flyers and began to distribute them around the area. When Karen walked through the door on Friday, she looked at me and said this was exactly the vision she saw!”  Some of the other bigger contributors to the success of the day were members Holly Garrett, Sylvia Robbins, Barb Parks, Charlotte Williams, Sharon Love and a local Boy Scouts troop.

I commented to Karen Birr she did not seem anxious on how the day would turn out and she told me whenever she began to worry, God would tell her not to worry and just have faith that He is in charge. Everything will turn out as it should. And it did!  Her advice – Follow the voice of God when He is leading you to things that seem too grand, He has a better plan than you.

To God give all the glory, be happy to be the servant!


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