Convention Wrap: Bishop's Address

November 27, 2019
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“One thing I’ll miss (about being bishop) is gazing out and looking at everyone in session,” said the Rt. Rev. George Wayne Smith as he opened the 180th diocesan convention on Friday, Nov. 22. Bishop Smith has led our diocese since 2002. He will retire this spring. 

In his final address to convention, Bishop Smith focused on the history and the future of bishops. He expressed his gratitude for the grace that has developed over the years between himself and the people of the diocese, and encouraged us to expect the same grace with the 11th Bishop of Missouri. 

“This is crucial for me to say: The newest bishops among us are the ones leveraging the greatest change. Expect that from your new bishop. Expect it soon. For the season allows no dilly-dallying. The Church is changing even as I speak,” said Bishop Smith.

“I have been blessed to be a bishop for Missouri. Not among some theoretical people, but with this people, who have challenged me and maybe even helped shape me into the person whom God has in mind. Fallible, God-shaped human beings that we are, I have found among you a season of grace, for which I give thanks.”


Read and watch Bishop Smith’s complete convention address. 


Author: Janis Greenbaum
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