Religious Communities mark the Feast Day of Saint Francis

October 08, 2019
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A long-anticipated gathering of Religious in The Diocese of Missouri took place on Saturday Oct. 5 in The Bofinger Chapel of Christ Church Cathedral.  It was a wonderful opportunity to share in worship and fellowship.  Since Oct. 4 is The Feast of St. Francis,  our Franciscan Confreres led us in the traditional Franciscan liturgy commemorating the Saint’s translation, including the psalm, Canticle of The Sun, and reading on love and  servanthood for Maundy Thursday from The Gospel of John, which he asked his friars to share with him at his death.  Thanks to Br. Sam Kincade OSF for Officiating.  Cathedral Dean Kathie Adams-Shepherd gave a wonderful homily.  

This first gathering was the realization of a long-standing effort to gather members of dispersed Religious Communities and  others in the Diocese living under promises and vows of a Rule of Life. So far we have identified Franciscans, Anamchara Fellowship, and Rivendell Community members as well as Dominicans.

We shared in fellowship over wine and cheese afterward, and we decided we will gather regularly each quarter and that each community will take turns in leading the service and sharing the customs of their respective traditions in praying the Offices.

We will be gathering again on Feb. 1, 2020, at Epiphany at Church of the Advent, Crestwood to pray Evening Prayer in the Celtic Tradition as practiced by the Anamchara Fellowship. Fr. Marshall Crossnoe, Interim Rector at Advent will be our homilist, and the Advent members of The Daughters of The King will join us and host us afterward for fellowship.  

Mark your calendars! We hope we will be able to extend our reach for this gathering.  Dominicans will then be on for the following session.


In attendance:

  • Dean Kathie Adams-Shepherd - Christ Church Cathedral
  • Br. Sam Kincade OSF (Order of Saint Francis) - CCC
  • Adrienne Dillon SSF (Society of St. Francis 3rd Order) - Ascension-All Saints
  • Br. Franklin Kline OP (Anglican Order of Preachers-Dominicans) - Christ Church Cathedral
  • John Dotson SSF - Grace, Kirkwood
  • Sr. Donna-Ruth Hawk-Reinhard n/AF (Anamchara Fellowship) - Advent
  • Br. Brian Sadler OSF - Christ Church Cathedral


Thanks to Br. Franklin Kline OP for submitting this article and photos.


Author: Janis Greenbaum
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