On Track! Update from the Bishop Search/Nominating Committee

June 21, 2019
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The Bishop Search/Nominating committee announces that we’re on track and moving forward.

We moved our deadline for applications date forward by two weeks. This allowed us to stay true to the process and gather a diverse group of applicants from which to choose.

The two week extension will not disturb our timeline, we’re right on track! Moving into the next stage, we will look closely at applications and align applicants with the traits that members of the diocese defined as traits we seek in a bishop. We continue to reference our findings from both the Holy Listening sessions and the survey.

Next we conduct phone/video conferences with top applicants The deeper we delve into learning about our applicants the more confidential our work becomes. We will respect the lives of our applicants and the information they share with us in good faith.

During this exciting time we ask for your continued prayers for those who are discerning, our diocese and members of the Search/ Nominating committee.

-Deborah Nelson Linck
chair, Search/Nominating committee

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