Are there Foundables in your Church?

June 21, 2019
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The first day of Summer brings the public release of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite in-phone game. It's a second generation Pokemon-Go from the same maker. And like its older sibling, in this location-based game many churches have special in-game designations. Reports from early beta testers indicate finding churches are 'inns'- where players can pick up in-game energy. Sounds rather appropriate.

Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion in University City sent an Instagram notice that they are an Inn. "If you attended our Harry Potter themed Theology on Tap you're going to love this! Holy Communion is now a Wizard's Inn on the new game Wizards Unite! Mooney Park next door is also a greenhouse location. The weather is perfect (this was sent before today's downpour) for a walk through our community and some magical adventures!"


A few years ago when Pokemon-Go was released, users noted that churches were often significant places in game. During hot summer days, some would offer the game players water or some time in an air conditioned building.  Some asked why churches were included, many public spaces, museums, libraries, and landmarks are, as well. Last time around some churches who were NOT included wanted to petition to get on the game map. That process wasn't opened then, and a post from game maker Niantic indicates it may be a future option, but isn't currently.

There is no cost to play the game other than a smart phone that can run it. Are there any Foundables lurking near your church this summer?


Photos of aFoundables  reaching on my office desk for the most recent copy of the Anglican Theological Review. You'll be relieved to know it was of low threat, has been released and it's photograph pasted in my registry!



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