Who will be our next bishop?

February 21, 2019
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from the Search/Nominating Committee

What do we imagine when we think of the next Bishop of Missouri? Can we imagine a bishop who wears dreadlocks or who uses the pronouns she / her? Might our next bishop be differently abled?  Are we looking for a decorated and revered clergyperson? A scholar or a pastor? What about a pioneer and missionary--a  21st century Jackson Kemper.   Maybe the bishop is single, or with a traditional family, or married to a spouse of the same gender. What if the next bishop has a police record for civil disobedience? How about someone who is under 50, or someone who "goes with the flow?"  What qualities do we seek in this next leader? What life experiences inform our next chief pastor?

The Diocese of Missouri elects its Eleventh Bishop in 2019. It is important to make our hopes and concerns known to the Bishop Search/Nominating Committee so the best candidates can be put forward. 

It is important to take the online survey AND participate in your community's Holy Listening Session.

The survey is anonymous and its results will outline an overall picture of the Diocese. However, out of more than 10,000 Episcopalians in our Diocese, to date only around 250 have responded to the survey.  Anyone affiliated with the Diocese or on their Faith journey with us can respond to the survey. The survey closes on February 25thClick here to take the survey.

The Holy Listening Sessions will paint in the specific hopes of the various congregations. Weather permitting, the Holy Listening Sessions have been well-attended.  A team from the Bishop Search and Nominating Committee WILL visit your parish to listen to what you have to say if they have not done so yet. Including some diocesan organizations and groups, the committee is sending teams to listening sessions in about 50 locations.

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