November 26, 2018
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This Advent join with Episcopalians and Anglicans to coordinate sending images and reflections up into social a respite from the sadness of days, as a challenge to hear God's voice, as a Good News drenched hope.

This past summer, literally Advent in July, people from across the denomination held the Scripture and prayers of Advent close to discern words that were both reflective of our texts and invitations to associate images.
You, too, can look ahead to our Lectionary texts for Advent

  • Take a moment and think about this year's list of words. Do any of them bring to mind photographs taken at and of your church this past year?
  • As we are thinking more and more about our faith through the lens of our baptism, do any of these words call forth our ongoing engagement with that covenant?

It's a 2-(or more)for-1 proposition. Personal reflection + faith story + evangelism + Bible study + invitation for others to join you at this prelude to Nativity.

How? Do you have an Instagram account? It's perfect for this project.

  • On Instagram, search for #adventword, or visit the account of  AdventWord for some inspiration.
  • Set up an account. Post an image. Add some of your reflection. Maybe it's the backstory of the image, maybe it's a link to Scripture that is personally meaningful.
  • Add some hashtags, they help people find your topic. At the least, add #adventword and the word of the day.
  • Add @missouriepiscopal and we'll repost your image. 
  • Consider a few additional hashtags, like #Episcopal and #Jesus. These are how we identify and invite others to learn more.

Why this matters.
Last year's #adventword reached millions in over 30 countries. It's hard to predict which words had the most resonance. For instance, last year's #heal had the lowest number of people opening the daily emailed reflection, but had the largest number of views on social media, over 570,000.

You can read more and find additional materials and resources at



Day 1, December 2 — #JOURNEY
Day 2, December 3 — #WATCH
Day 3, December 4 — #FOCUS
Day 4, December 5 — #NIGHT
Day 5, December 6 — #LIGHT
Day 6, December 7 — #SPROUT
Day 7, December 8 — #ALERT
Day 8, December 9 — #WILD
Day 9, December 10 — #CRY
Day 10, December 11 — #GO
Day 11, December 12 — #ROUGH
Day 12, December 13 — #SMOOTH
Day 13, December 14 — #PRUNE
Day 14, December 15 — #PREPARE
Day 15, December 16 — #REJOICE
Day 16, December 17 — #SING
Day 17, December 18 — #ANCESTOR
Day 18, December 19 — #WASH
Day 19, December 20 — #ABLAZE
Day 20, December 21 — #SIGN
Day 21, December 22 — #EXPECT
Day 22, December 23 — #PERSIST
Day 23, December 24 — #PEACE
Day 24, December 25 — #CELEBRATE

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