Baptism: A Workshop for Worship Leaders

October 02, 2018
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  • Saturday, October 27, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • held at Christ Church Cathedral, St. Louis

What special practices does your church do to make baptisms a memorable connection point for families and the congregation? How can we offer more points of access during worship, in the broader life of the congregation, and with memorabilia to help the family remember?

The Bishop's Task Force on Baptism offers a hands-on and experiential opportunity to explore new ways to celebrate the rite of baptism through creative expression, sensory engagement, and community involvement.

This offering is designed for lay and clergy leaders in various aspects of worship and Christian formation.

We will spend the morning in hands-on sessions. We are offering four:

  • Teaching About Baptism
  • Create a Parish Stamp
  • Dye a Silk Banner
  • Design a Baptismal Banner

The sessions will be repeated, so each participant can choose two.

Morning Workshops

  1. Teaching about Baptism. Learning the religious language and symbolism of our baptismal liturgy gives everyone the opportunity to experience the sacrament on a much deeper level. We will model a presentation & conversation that can be helpful across generations. You can replicate it in your own parish before a special dinner, during coffee hour, Sunday School, or any time you would like to gather your flock to teach and learn more deeply about baptism. We will also discuss preparation and follow-up, not just for the newly baptized, but for parents, sponsors, godparents and congregations. This workshop will be lead by Diocesan Educators and Clergy.
  2. Create a Parish Stamp to Personalize the new Diocesan Baptismal Certificates. A tabloid-sized document will be shared with every parish to customize and print for each baptisand. The certificate will have a place for a 6 x 6" linoleum stamp that is created by each parish to personalize the certificate. This workshop will be your chance to create that stamp.
  3. Dye a Silk Banner for Your Parish to Mark Baptisms. Spending time outdoors allows us to observe and record the changing activities that nature often sneaks by us when we are not looking. Collecting leaves, flower heads, berries, fruit, and vegetable skins creates a natural dye source that will transfer color to fabrics. Participants will create a banner, using an ancient tradition of extracting color and organic design from nature. Having a unique and beautiful art banner that becomes part of your baptismal liturgy will engage your parish and add visually to your service.
  4. Design a Baptismal Banner Using Fabric Donated by Parishioners. Another way to make a meaningful artifact to enhance your baptismal liturgy is to create a banner incorporating fabric that has been donated by your parishioners. The result is a beautiful piece of textile art in which each member of your parish can see themselves. This workshop will help you brainstorm a design, talk about techniques, and create a roadmap to completing your banner.

Workshop Logistics

At the linoleum stamp and banner workshops, we'll have materials for each parish to design one stamp and one banner. For churches with several participants attending (and we hope there are many), those interested in the stamp or banner making will collaborate on the finished product in the same session. Please plan accordingly.

Afternoon Session: Enriching the Ritual After lunch, we will explore worship together by running through the Baptismal Worship Service, stretching and playing with some of the rubrics and creative ideas used is some parishes in order to "taste and see" how your congregation might convey more deeply what makes this day and this rite special. This plenary session will include an introduction about liturgy, the exploratory worship, and discussion for debriefing, critiquing, sharing ideas for adapting practices to engage different congregations in different ways.

10:00 Welcome
10:30 Workshop (choose one of four)
11:45 Workshop (choose one of four)
1:00 Lunch
1:30 Baptismal Liturgy Explorations with Discussion
3:30 Debrief, Wrap-Up and Next Steps
4:00 Adjourn

Registration is $20 per person and includes materials, supplies, lunch and beverages. Please fill out this form and mail it with payment no later than October 19 to Diocese of Missouri, Attn: Jeff Wunrow, 1210 Locust St., St. Louis, MO 63103. Call 314-327-4200 with questions.

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