JesusHacked podcast begins second season. Baptism!

August 02, 2018
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Welcome to our second season of JesusHacked podcast.

We’ve a special focus on Baptism this season, and what better way to start than a conversation with Bishop Wayne Smith and podcast host Dan Handschy. Dan’s also the bishop’s appointed lead on a task force looking at how we can strengthen the rite of baptism in this community. Questions included:

  • In your address at convention, you contrasted Christendom with baptismal ecclesiology, and those are some 50 cent words-I wonder if we might unpack them a little bit and give them some content and some context. Can you describe how the last gasps of Christendom affect us in the Diocese of Missouri?
  • What change in thought and practice might come into a congregation if we begin to think of the people who are there as being called there by God?
  • How would the focus on community change our thinking about Christianity? And how might congregations think about what they're offering in ways that would help expand our theological imagination?
  • What is it that we as the Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Missouri need to be offering to God in our Eucharistic worship?
  • How might we focus attention back on baptism?
  • What changed in your life at your baptism, from your perspective now looking back, what was the shift that happened there?
  • I've heard you say in other contexts that you understand your successive ordinations as, if not a diminishment of ministry, at least a narrowing of focus. Say more about that, what have you given up in your ordinations?
  • If we're thinking of the church in terms of baptism, if we're thinking of the church as a royal priesthood, --what is the role of the ordained within an understanding of the church as the community of the baptized?
  • How would our diocese re-focused on baptism, how would the life of the congregations   feel different in April 2020 (the bishop’s retirement date) from now?
  • As you are looking at your retirement and doing that reflection, that continuous reflection on your own baptism, what do you think God is bringing to birth in you at this moment in your life?

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