God's timing, or just another day at Trinity Food Pantry

July 28, 2018
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It was a couple of days after Christmas when I arrived for my regular late-afternoon  food pantry duty. But the church was dark everywhere, the doors locked.

Of course, I had forgotten —no pantry the week between Christmas and the New Year.

Usually that would have meant welcome free time. But my problem today was a very large roasted turkey breast, one that I was looking forward to bestowing on a lucky pantry client.  A neighbor of mine had prepared it for Christmas dinner, but at the last minute he had accepted an invitation to dine elsewhere, leaving the turkey untouched and in need of a table full of hungry mouths. I’d assured him I could easily take care of it at the pantry, and to show his thanks he’d added four cans of turkey gravy to the bag.

Grateful for church keys, I let myself and the turkey into the building and sat down on a bench back in the dark parish hall, pondering what to do with this large bag of food. After several unproductive phone calls, I was out of ideas, I had decided to try to force the turkey into the already-crowded kitchen freezer when a knock came at the parish-hall door. I opened it to a
young woman who was distressed to find the food pantry dark and quiet.

She said she was out of work and had run out of food at home to feed her large family—and had been counting on the pantry for help today. She was overjoyed to get the turkey and gravy and thankful that she had come to the
parish hall door even though it was dark inside.

As we often say, “Just another day at the Trinity Food Pantry.”
—Ellie Chapman, Thursday pantry volunteer at Trinity Episcopal Church, St. Louis

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