How do we discern? by Rebecca Ragland

July 25, 2018
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The people of St. Paul's Church in Carondelet neighborhood of St. Louis are discerning* the best use for their vacant rectory.

Let’s take a moment to remember what discernment is and isn’t.

First off, it isn’t quickly making a decision because the answer seems obvious. I do that a lot in life and I’m sure you do too. But discernment takes the word “quickly” and pulls it to a full stop.

Discernment takes time. It assumes that the answer is NOT obvious and that it is to be found in God’s timing and with God’s wisdom and counselors involved.

We want to discern what is the best way to use the vacant Rectory. Think about it, get creative, and ask God’s Spirit to guide your thoughts as you imagine St. Paul’s opening the doors and doing something new.
—The Rev. Rebecca Ragland, newly called rector of St. Paul's Church is leading the people of St. Paul's in discernment

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