Enter the No-Fake Zone: Community of Hope

July 25, 2018
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I know a place where caring people meet the Christ in others Honesty reigns supreme and there's nothing fake about this place. It’s a zone of genuine love and support from fellow Christians working out their baptismal covenant in the world, and saving a part of that world. And it’s called the Community Of Hope International (COHI).

COHI is an ecumenical, pastoral care ministry dedicated to equipping volunteers to be present in a compassionate and listening manner to the sick, elderly, imprisoned, and under-served.

Created in 1994 at St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital in Houston, Texas by the Rev. Helen Appelberg, COHI is rooted in the principles of the Rule of Benedict. Lay chaplains are trained in clinical pastoral practices through a twelve week course.
Chaplaincy is open to and enriched by participants from many Christian denominations. COHI has grown to over 125 centers established across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Africa.

Our ministry in the Community of Hope is scripture based and lived out in great humility and honesty It incorporates the Benedictine principles of a balanced life with non-judgmental listening and engagement within the community. Lay chaplains are united in prayer and sustained by support circles of colleagues as their ministries lead them to serve their congregations and wider community.

Take the training this autumn
The fall Community of Hope training course is especially timely given our General Convention’s consideration of Resolution A029: Commending Evangelism Practices to all Episcopalians. The resolution directs communities of faith to engage in evangelism OF the Church by engaging in daily practices of prayer and scripture reading and service…the same practices espoused by Benedictine principles. Resolution A029 also commends evangelism BY the Church… to “listen deeply to the stories of everyone you encounter.” Such is the experience and skill set of the dedicated volunteer chaplains at two churches (St. Michael & St. George and Grace-Kirkwood) who comprise the Community of Hope in the St. Louis area.

Next steps
So if you’re tired of our present me-first, win-at-all-cost, truth-is-fiction and fiction-is-truth society then come to a forum and find out how your life can be transformed into a spiritually centered pastoral caregiver and a life supported by a community of like-minded Christians.

Details of the course, presenters, dates, and registration process at diocesemo.org/coh.


For more information about the fall training, please contact Christopher Kurth (c2kurth@sbcglobal.net) or Deborah Caby ( debbiecaby@yahoo.com ) the leaders, no faking, of the training course.

More Info

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