Standing Committee: Updates on Bishop search

July 13, 2018
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Update July 2018

The Standing Committee of the Diocese of Missouri has hired the Rev. Gary Butterworth, DMin, as our Transition Consultant.  Gary will help shepherd us through the transition from Bishop X to Bishop XI.  He comes with a wealth of experience helping other dioceses in their search process for a new bishop.  As an Episcopal Search Consultant he is currently working with the dioceses of Nevada, Vermont, and Missouri. 

Gary serves the people of God as priest at All Saints Episcopal Church in Gastonia, NC. He is Chair of Congregational Vitality Ministry in the Diocese of Western North Carolina. He earned his Doctor of Ministry Degree from Sewanee, focusing on the colonial Church and family systems.  He has a MBA in Negotiation and Conflict Management, a master's degree in National Security Studies, and a graduate certificate in Organizational and Leadership Management.  He served as a Naval officer for over 30 years leading sailors throughout the world.

He is a practitioner of the Jesus Movement, serving as pastor, priest, and teacher alongside the priesthood of all believers, acting in concert to gather, transform and send Christian servants into the world to act and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Gary is married to his bride, Christina. They have been married for 33 years and have two children: Justin, who lives outside Boulder, Colorado, is an educator; and Emma, who begins her PhD studies at UMass Amherst this fall.

The Standing Committee will begin work with Gary during a retreat in late August.  We look forward to working with him during this time of transition in our diocese.


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