Event for families! Who was Absalom Jones and How can we become beloved community

January 22, 2018
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This year's Commemoration of the ministry of Absalom Jones is planned for familes!

Four parts to the day, we'll begin gathered in St. Martin's nave and after a prayer and welcome, we'll  learn the story of the Rev. Absalom Jones, the Episcopal Church's first African-American priest, from Cathedral member and founder of the Hands-On Black History Museum, Deborah Nelson Linck.

Then parents and children, or grandparents and children can choose from these experiences:

  • Role-playing, what might you do on a playground if you experienced racism facilitated by Dismantling Racism Commission members Alexia Dukes and Christopher Davis
  • More from Deborah and the Hands-On Black History Museum
  • DRC members Adrienne Dillon and Courtney Schaefer explore multiracial books

We'll have time for you to visit two of these, each lasting about 25 minutes, then we'll gather again for lunch.

Come with your children, and imagine building a beloved community.

More Info

Need more information? Contact communications@diocesemo.org