Who are we looking for in the ordination process?

January 17, 2018
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The Commission on Ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri is looking for your feedback. As a Diocese we need to recruit the next generation of ordained leaders in the church (specifically the COM works to recruit priests and deacons). Help us to know, who are we looking for? What qualities define a good deacon and a good priest?

We know that younger persons seeking ordination may exhibit these qualities in "seed form" while more mature persons will be expected to have these qualities more fully formed.

COM has developed a short survey for clergy and members of the Diocese of Missouri. It can be filled out by individuals or diocesan groups, such as vestries, youth groups, adult groups.  Share your opinion!

And, listen to a recent podcast episode of JesusHacked with COM chairperson the Rev. Mike Angell talking with podcast host and COM member the Rev. Harry Leip on discernment, the role of COM in encouraging ministry, and more about this survey.

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Need more information? Contact communications@diocesemo.org