Grace Hill's annual report to diocesan convention

November 25, 2017
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Mission: The mission of Grace Hill Settlement House is to provide opportunities for individuals, families, and communities to become stronger, healthier, and more self-reliant.

We are focused on building strong families and communities, believing that our work is to advance racial equity through education, economic and community impact.

Grace Hill is recognized leader in the Collective Impact work of modernizing the delivery of social services.

Programs: Grace Hill works within neighborhoods in North and South St. Louis City to provide high quality early childhood education, help families achieve their financial goals, and promote healthy and safe communities. Since our founding and sponsorship by the Episcopal Diocese in 1903, Grace Hill has captured the essence of what it means to be a Settlement House – committed to changing neighborhoods and working with families to strengthen their future.

At the core of Grace Hill’s programs is the co-location of holistic services around early childhood centers and local schools – as demonstrated in the flagship Water Tower Hub in North St. Louis City and the emerging South City Hub in the Patch/Carondelet neighborhoods.

Grace Hill Head Start and Early Head Start provide comprehensive early childhood education and health services to 313 infants and toddlers each year, ensuring they are strong, healthy, and ready for Kindergarten. The health of children is connected to the health and stability of their caregivers, and Grace Hill’s Family Support Program follows children from Kindergarten through fifth grade at two local elementary schools, working to reduce mobility, improve attendance and behavior, provide a safe after school environment, and connect children and families to strong mentors, along with financial, educational, health & mental health resources.

The Grace Hill Women’s Business Center, funded by the US Small Business Administration, serves more than 800 women and minority entrepreneurs each year. These women are starting and expanding their small businesses across the St. Louis region, supporting their families and building a strong local economy. Grace Hill also provides transitional housing, rent and utility assistance, a food pantry, job training, banking, a neighborhood leadership training program, and other community development resources at both hub locations. This work is supported by 88 full time employees and 2,600+ volunteers each year.

The Episcopal Diocese of Missouri invests time, talent, and treasure in Grace Hill Settlement House and the people we serve each year.

Each year, an Episcopal Service Corps member from Deaconess Anne House embeds themselves in the programs and services at the Grace Hill Water Tower Hub. Service Corps members have rejuvenated the MORE Time Dollar program, managed the food pantry/utility assistance programs, developed agency-wide communications, and facilitated the Neighborhood Leadership Program. Their investment in the administrative capacity of Grace Hill and the individuals we serve reflects their immense energy, desire for authentic relationship, and commitment to values of service and dignity for all members of our community. 

St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church is a key investor in the Grace Hill Women’s Business Center – providing financial support and volunteer members of the Women’s Business Center Advisory Committee. A foundation to success at the Women’s Business Center is the Workshop In Business Opportunities Program. St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church, through their Outreach Program, has provided more than 30 scholarships for women and minority entrepreneurs to attend this 16-week “mini-MBA” program. 

Other parishes, including Grace Episcopal Church, Christ Church Cathedral, St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, and St. Michael & St. George, serve Grace Hill and our neighbors with food, clothing, and other donations during the Holiday Season; volunteering time in Head Start classrooms throughout the year; and serving as members of the Grace Hill Board of Directors and the Programs and Services Committee.

History: Grace Hill Settlement House was established by the Episcopal Diocese in 1903 to provide comprehensive services to immigrant families acclimating to life in St. Louis. Grace Hill is rooted in the philosophy of the Settlement House Movement, an enduring tradition established in 1889 with the work of Jane Addams at the Hull House in Chicago. This tradition seeks to provide an equitable opportunity for all members of the community to participate in academic, economic, civic, and other neighborhood activities—enabling them to support each other to make their communities better places to live. Today, Grace Hill has expanded its vision to include low income families from a variety of backgrounds. Regardless of race, class, or national origin, Grace Hill remains a doorway to a better life for over 1,800 families and 21,000 people in the City of St. Louis each year.

Come join us! If you’re interested in volunteering time, lending your talent to our Board of Directors, or supporting Grace Hill’s mission financially, please contact:

Laura P. Kozak, Chief Administrative Officer, 314-584-6905,                                                                                               

Delores A. Hardwick, Community Relations & Volunteer Program Manager

314-584-6701 ,

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