Meet the slate of nominees for 2017 leadership positions

October 19, 2017
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Nominees for Cathedral Chapter in 2017, electing 1 clergy person & 1 lay member, not Cathedral parishioners, from congregations outside St. Louis city or St. Louis County, for three year terms:



The Rev. Carol Wesley
Priest-in-charge, St. John and  St. James Church,  Sullivan

As a resident of the Carondelet neighborhood in the City of St. Louis who serves as priest-in-charge of St. John and St. James Episcopal Church in Sullivan, MO, Carol is an ideal candidate to serve on Cathedral Chapter. She brings both the perspective of a city resident and that of a small town priest to assist with the cathedral’s mission to serve the entire diocese as a spiritual heart for all members of the church.

In addition to her devotion to service in the diocese, as a professor in the social work program on the suburban campus of Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville, her unique academic talents and experience add professional and academic weight to her devotion to the cathedral’s mandate of spirituality and faith, diversity, and service. Carol’s energetic dedication to service and connections to difference constituencies within the diocese would be a valuable asset to the Chapter.

Nominated by Al Ludwig, Committee on Nominations & Election Procedures



Greta LambertTrinity Church, De Soto

I was born and raised in a small town in Mississippi.  My family is of the Free Will Baptist faith, so I grew up in church every Sunday morning, Sunday evening, Wednesday evening, and any other time we had gatherings.  I was eight years old when I accepted the Lord as my savior.  I felt the call to ministry while I was a teenager.  After high school I attended a Free Will Baptist Bible College in Nashville, TN.  Completed three years of studies, went to France for three months to do missionary work, and when I returned married a Free Will Baptist preacher. 

I felt that I could not do enough for God as I knew something about myself that no one else did.  I knew that I was gay and was taught in church that gay people were demon possessed.   I ignored my feelings and fought this battle every day of my eleven year marriage while assisting my husband in pastoring a church and having three awesome children that I hold dear. 

After eleven years of marriage I decided to tell my husband the truth of how I felt and he ended up filing for a divorce.  My children and I moved out and started over in a small town nearby.  I was ostracized from my church family and friends.  

I have had to work very hard to break down the core beliefs that was impressed upon me all my life.  I found a new and revitalizing relationship with God that I now hold so dear to my heart.  He loves me no matter what!!  It takes years to come full circle with things you’re taught about God and core beliefs systems. 

I have been looking for a church that will accept me and allow me to work in a ministry I have always felt called to do.  I found it!!  I now attend Trinity Episcopal Church in De Soto just three miles from my home.  Who could figure that what I have been looking for could be so close to home!  I love this small church and plan to give them and God all of my heart and efforts in growing being that person I feel I should be for Christ.  Thank you for this opportunity and peace to you.




Nominees for Diocesan Council, election  2 at-large lay members for 3 year terms:



Scott Ferguson, Church of the Holy Communion, University City

 I believe that my extensive experience as a vestry member of two churches and my current tenure as senior warden of the Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion provide me with the understanding, background, and sensitivity to contribute to the duties of the Diocesan Council. Holy Communion is defying the trends of decline that, I also believe, will allow me a perspective that will benefit the council. In addition to vestry responsibilities, I have headed Holy Communion’s participation in the Trinity Hot Lunch program for the last five years and currently serve as secretary for the diocesan Hunger Task Force.

As a member of any committee, the willingness to listen is critically important and I—with as much humility as possible when citing one’s abilities—can say this an attribute I bring to the table.

Moreover, as a third generation Episcopalian in this diocese, the mission, the health, and the direction of the diocese are critically important to me.

To serve is a privilege and as such, I take my responsibilities very seriously, be it as senior warden, as volunteer at the Trinity pantry, as member of a mission group to Central America, or as parishioner.

It would be an honor to serve on the Diocesan Council as well.



Sondra KekecAll Saints’ Church, Farmington

My name is Sondra Kekec, and my husband Jon and I are the proud parents of four children: Cadence (5), Ella and Parker (3), and Dorian (1), and we are all active members of the congregation of All Saints in Farmington, MO.

I am a high school science teacher for a local school district as well as an active member of many community organizations. I grew up in a Catholic family but began attending and working for the Episcopal Church in South Bend, IN in 2009.

After moving to Farmington, we found a church home at All Saints’. I have had the honor of serving in the music ministry position there since February of 2015. I have been serving in  leadership roles for music ministry actively for over 15 years. Last year, I also helped initiate the All Saints’ Circle of Prayer ministry as a program that offers opportunities for fellowship and spiritual enrichment within our congregation as well as outreach in our community and beyond.

I attempt as many in our small congregation do to be involved with as many of our programs and efforts as possible. As I have grown in my ministry role and in life, I have developed a keen interest in working with the church on a larger scale to continue to promote positive relationships in our families, churches, and community through the passionate, loving service of neighbor and of God.

I appreciate your consideration of my nomination to the diocesan council here in Missouri.



John MeinhardtSt. Vincent’s in the Vineyard, Ste. Genevieve

I have been retired for the last ten years. Prior to that I was a patrol officer in law enforcement for 25 years, working the streets of the county and city where I live (Jefferson).

I have worked with many types of people in trying to solve their problems and for the last six years I was the bishop’s warden and assistant warden at St. Vincent’s in the Vineyard. Education: 2 years of college and 12 years of school.



Janet ThompsonCalvary Church, Columbia 

I have been a member of the Episcopal Church for many years and have been a member at Calvary Church here in Columbia also for many years. In that time, I have been fortunate to serve the local church and the diocese in several ways.

Here in Columbia, I have served on the vestry, both as a member and as senior warden (under the leadership of  Fr. Jim Fallis); a member of the choir for over 20 years; the chair of one of our long-standing community events, the Advent Bazaar; the chair of another long-standing community event, the Charity Horse Show; and currently serve as a member of the altar guild. I have participated on several occasions in dismantling racism programs here in Columbia.

On the diocesan level, I have served on Standing Committee, Diocesan Council, and as a member of the Companion Diocese Committee and the Commission on Ministry. I was also a member of the team sent by the diocese to the Worldwide Anglican Encounter in Bahia, Brazil.

I would appreciate the opportunity to serve the diocese as a member of Council in large part because of the way in which, in my professional and prayer life, my interests and work on inclusion intersect with the work of the Church.

Here in Boone County, first as a Public Defender for 25 years and now as a member of the Boone County Commission, I have worked on issues involving those without a voice in the justice system. I am currently leading the efforts in Boone County to address the over-representation of those with mental illness in the justice system and have worked to more fully integrate that work with the work of the faith community on these issues.

I would be honored to serve the diocese on Council.

Nominated by the Rev. Knute Jacobson, Rector of Calvary Church in Columbia



Rudolph (Rudy) WalzEmmanuel Church, Webster Groves

I am a member of Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Webster Grove.

I am involved in Sunday morning activities, am a Faith Quest teacher, and serve on the discernment committee to find our next rector.  Before joining Emmanuel, I was a member at Trinity (Central West End) and Christ Church Cathedral.

I have been active in the diocese since 1983, serving as a convention delegate for four  terms, and on Cathedral Chapter and Diocesan Council, where I chaired the New Ventures Committee for two years. I was  the treasurer of the Task Force for the Hungry for three years. I have training in dismantling racism.  I’ve gone on many mission trips both diocesan and with Emmanuel. I am involved with the homeless in St Louis as chair of the Men’s Brown Bag. I’ve been active with the Emmanuel Food Center, St. John’s Peace Meal, and City Streets, of which I was co-founder.

I was a retail manager for most of my life. Several years ago I went back to school to get my C.N.A. license, and since then have been caring for Alzheimer’s patients. I am semi-retired.

My partner Bob and I had our blessing at Emmanuel in 2013. We have been together for 21 years.



Elizabeth (Liz) Yount, St. Peter’s Church, Ladue

 I am a lifelong Episcopalian, spending most of my life as a member at St. Peter’s Church in Ladue. Eight years ago I was asked to serve as a delegate to the diocesan convention and thus began my journey into the larger church. After serving several years as a delegate, I wanted to identify ways I could become more involved, sharing my time and talent with something I was becoming increasingly passionate about. The business of the church at the diocesan and national level seemed a perfect fit.

In 2013 and 2016 I was elected as an alternate lay deputy to the General Convention and in 2015 I was privileged to attend the convention in Salt Lake City. I expanded my participation in the church at the diocesan level, being elected to Diocesan Council in 2014. As a member of Council, I have served on the budget committee for three years, the clergy compensation committee, and the committee for New Ventures in Community Ministries for 2 years (currently serving as chair). My hope is to continue to bring to the Diocesan Council the knowledge I have acquired, my willingness to work, and my desire to be involved.

I have been married to my husband, Jeff, for over 35 years and we have three children, Katherine (married to Max Tonsi), Michael, and Christopher. I am a Certified Public Accountant and work for a national public accounting firm in St. Louis. My area of expertise is individual and expatriate taxation.

I would be honored to serve as a member of Diocesan Council for the next three years.




Nominees for Disciplinary Board  in 2017, electing 1 clergy & 2 lay members for 3 year terms:


 The Rev. Dawn-Victoria MitchellRector, Trinity Church, Hannibal

Dawn-Victoria Mitchell has been the rector of Trinity Church in Hannibal for seven of the nearly 17 years she’s been ordained. For the past six years, she has been a volunteer chaplain at Hannibal Regional Hospital. Volunteer chaplains serve a day or two a month, on-call for emergencies and also to visit new patients. In addition, Dawn-Victoria has served as president of the chaplaincy corps for the hospital.

In the diocese, Dawn-Victoria is currently a member of the Standing Committee, and has in the past been clerical representative to Diocesan Council from West Convocation—when she was on the staff of Calvary Church in Columbia—and more recently, from Kemper Convocation. For first West and then Kemper, Dawn-Victoria served as convocation president. She is also a former member of the diocesan Commission on Ministry. Dawn-Victoria has served one term on the Disciplinary Board, and brings both commitment and experience to that body as she seeks a second term.

In addition to her work as a parish priest, chaplain, and diocesan leader, Dawn-Victoria is working on a Doctor of Ministry degree in Congregational Growth and Development at Bexley Seabury Seminary in Chicago.

Nominated by the Rev. Tamsen Whistler, Rector, Trinity Church, St. Charles



The Rev. Doris (Beth) Simpson, St. Matthew’s Church, Mexico

 I have served as deacon at St. Matthew’s since my ordination in 2015.

My ministry focuses on making connections in the community to determine needs and discern how our small church might help fill those needs.

In my professional life before ordination, I worked for fifteen years as director of the Long-term Care Ombudsman Program hosted by the Central Missouri Area Agency on Aging. In that position, I provided advocacy and conflict resolution for consumers of long-term care services in a nineteen-county service area. I learned to listen carefully to all sides of sometimes volatile and highly emotional issues; to enable communication between parties; and to encourage the development of strategies to move forward.

If I am elected to serve on the Disciplinary Board, I believe that my background as an ombudsman would serve me well.



Kristina (Krissy) Bender-CriceAll Saints’ Church, Farmington

I am nominating myself for this position because I believe that I can be an asset to the church.

My experience includes terms on my mission’s vestry as I am currently serving my third year as a voting member, and one concurrent year as church treasurer, which continues to increase and sharpen my knowledge of the canons of the Episcopal Church.

I work hard and treat others fairly. Although I have not served on a formal disciplinary board, I have supervised staff and I understand life situations and events related to employees.

I chair our annual fall festival for our church, I spearheaded the development of our church playground, and I am currently spearheading the building of a Blessings Box.

As a therapist, I am a patient listener and not quick to rush to judgment. I spend time to reflect on what speakers are saying and realize that there are many sides to the details of an event or actions that may come before the Board, for which I am prepared to listen to and to seek prayerful truth. My goal is to encourage the Diocese of Missouri to remain healthy, vital and focused on God’s mission.

I appreciate your consideration for this position.



Jeanne Lucas King, St. Martin’s Church, Ellisville

For the past 36 years I have been a member of St. Martin’s Church. During this time, I have participated in much of the church life: “Super Saturdays” with the Rev. Sandy Michaels.  I sang in the “Family Choir” with the Rev. Tom Crittenden. While my husband was on the board of directors for HPEIC, I worked 2 of the fundraising auctions. I’ve worked 24 church garage sales. I was a Stephen’s Minister for 2 years.  I taught 7th –8th grade Sunday school for 5 years.  Over the years, I have worshiped, prepared meals, supported events, attended (and hosted) the lenten series, worked vacation Bible school, chaperoned for children/youth activities and was a member of the TAT (Target Action Team) which analyzed and synthesized the information gathered by the parish surveys.  I organized the Episcopal Church Women meals ministry for 2 years while acting as the St. Martin’s ECW publicity chairperson. I was a member of the vestry from 2008 –2011. During the 3-year search for a new rector, I was the liaison between the vestry and the search committee. About once a month, I serve as lector for 8:00 am worship service. I have served as a delegate to the diocesan convention in 2014, 2015, and 2016.

Since its inception in 2015, I have helped with our new annual fundraising pumpkin patch.  I assisted the youth on World Food Day  in October 2015.  Also, May 2016 I was a chaperone/driver for the youth mission trip to New Orleans.

I have served on the board of the Diocese of Missouri ECW beginning in 2011 and in 2015 began a term as the Diocese of Missouri United Thank Offering coordinator. In June of 2015, I was a Diocese of Missouri UTO / ECW delegate at Triennial in Utah.

Outside of church, I have worked for decades as a teacher of young children.  I recently retired (May 2016) from the Academy of the Sacred Heart in St. Charles, MO where I worked since 1996.  I continue to practice living a good, full Christian life as wife, mother, grandmother, sister, and friend. I enjoy books, gardening, and golf. I feel closest to God in the garden and with young children.

As with anyone my age, I have experienced grievous loss and tremendous joy. And, I am grateful for all it.



Scott ThompsonSt. Mark’s Church, St. Louis

I wish to be a lay member of the Disciplinary Board so to serve the Church on a diocesan level once again. I have served my home parish as a vestryperson and warden several times.

In the past, I participated on task forces and boards for the Diocese of Missouri and enjoyed those ministries, the people with whom I worked, and the new perspectives I gained. I made a lot of friends in the diocese who I never would have met otherwise. I am a licensed attorney and have been a Missouri public defender for over twenty years.

For the past fourteen years I have specialized in criminal appellate work, making sure my clients’ rights are honored and the process fair. My current assignment is handling death penalty litigation. It is my experience with assuring due process which suites me as a lay representative to the Board.

I would appreciate the opportunity to bring my experience and insights  to the Board.

Nominated by Margaret Rowe, Committee on Nominations and Election Procedures




Nominees for Standing Committee  in 2017, electing 1 clergy person  & 2 lay  members for 4 year terms:


The Rev. Kevin McGraneDeacon, Church of the Good Shepherd, Town & Country 

Ordained in 2014, Deacon Kevin has served at St. John’s Church in Tower Grove for three years and will be joining his new assignment of Church of the Good Shepherd in Town & Country during Advent. 

His ministry focus has been food and hunger issues in the diocese: he has served on the Hunger Task Force, as a Peace Meal coordinator at St. John’s, with Cultivate—the Episcopal Food Movement, and networked within the food/hunger ministries throughout the diocese. 

He has served on the board of directors of Episcopal School for Ministry and served as chairperson of the board in his final year.  He is also an active member of Metropolitan Congregations United. 

A graduate of University of Missouri, St. Louis with a B.A. in Literature and Linguistics, Deacon Kevin worked at Mercantile Bank N.A. for ten years; his last years there were as an assistant vice-president of the midtown region.  He joined G.E. Capital as a regional sales manager for the next 8 years and was later recruited by IBM where he was a corporate account manager in the greater St. Louis area. 

He is a blogger and writer who has been published in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the Episcopal Café’, and several smaller publications.  He has authored four books of fiction.  He has been married to his spouse, Catherine, for 44 years, have three adult children and 9 grandchildren.  For the past 9 years, he and “C” have lived on a ten acres homestead in the Ozarks they call Windy Hill.  Deacon Kevin can bring a wide range of both pastoral and executive experience to the Standing Committee.



The Rev. Leslie ScoopmireAssisting Priest, Christ Church Cathedral, St. Louis

As a member of this diocese since 1986, as a layperson and now a priest, I would welcome the opportunity to serve on the Standing Committee.

I am a retired middle and high school teacher, with degrees in English and US history, as well as a recent seminary graduate. I have been engaged in many wonderful ministries in a number of parishes, including St. Timothy’s, Holy Communion, St. Stephen’s, and Church of the Good Shepherd. I have been a senior staff member at Camp Phoenix for many years, and recently served as interim youth missioner for the diocese this past summer. I am also a writer for’s Speaking to the Soul and am a diocesan communicator and musician.

This diocese has been and continues to be mindfully and vibrantly engaged in mission and making disciples for the life of the world. In practical terms, that has been reflected in our deepening relationships with God, with creation, and with each other, especially in our parishes, neighborhoods, communities, and region. We are a vibrant community working for the building up of God’s Kingdom, especially through living into the holy promises and charisms of hope and reconciling love we are called to embody through our baptism.

I believe we have a unique, faithful, joyful witness for which the world hungers and thirsts. I would welcome the chance to facilitate our common life together as we, as a diocese, seek to witness in the Way of Jesus, continually rejoicing in God’s abundant grace.

I am so grateful to be married to my wonderful husband, Bill, for 29 years, and we are the proud parents of three young adult children, Lauren, Katie, and Scott, as well as three rescue dogs who all know they are the good boys.



Thomas “Tom” G. AllenSt. Martin’s Church, Ellisville

Tom is a cradle Episcopalian, baptized at Emmanuel in Webster Groves. He has been a member of St. Matthew’s Warson Woods; St. Augustine’s, Nashville, TN (Vanderbilt Campus); St. Michael’s and St. George in St. Louis; and currently St. Martin’s, Ellisville.

Tom has been active in his church his entire life, serving as an acolyte, usher, choir member, lector, chalice bearer, member of strategic planning committees, vestry member, and is currently senior warden at St. Martin’s (term expires in January 2018).

For the last two years as senior warden, Tom led the vestry through a number of significant milestones including updating the bylaws, right-sizing the budget, initiating a capital campaign, organizing fundraisers, and leading a number of parish meetings and vestry forums, all the while serving as a trusted confident to the rector.

Professionally, Tom is a Senior Vice President and Director of Coaching and Development at Wells Fargo Advisors. Here, he leads a ten person coaching team dedicated to helping field leaders achieve their business goals, and he is responsible for partnering with numerous areas of the firm to build out and maintain a comprehensive manager development curriculum.

With nearly 25 years’ financial services experience, Tom has also been a speaker at conferences on best practices for driving enterprise-wide change.

He holds a B.A. from Vanderbilt University, an M.A. from the University of Missouri-Columbia, and is a graduate of the Securities Industry Institute at Wharton Business School, He is also an ardent Cardinals fan and regular visitor to spring training every March with his wife, Deb, and son, Jack.

Given his lifelong experience as an Episcopalian, his involvement in the church, and his professional experience, Tom is well suited to serve on the Standing Committee and he is excited about the opportunity.

Nominated by Kay Fletcher, St. Martin’s Church



David (Dave) BuckEmmanuel Church,  Webster Groves

I am 64 and I have been an Episcopalian my entire life.  I call our denomination  “Catholic-Lite” or “Catholic-Dropout” because I like that we do not report to a power center like the Vatican and we are much more open-minded, flexible, daring and have helped pioneer including all people in the church regardless of age, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation. 

As such, I do not take the Bible literally, but figuratively, with its stories written by inspired men to teach us how to live the good life.  The Sermon on the Mount, to me, is the single most important story in the Bible as it lays out our most important and founding values.  I think GOD is a three letter word that we humans have given to something that we can’t possibly comprehend.  I have a lukewarm relationship with God. I do not think God is a universally kind, caring and forgiving God.  I teach Sunday school and our God can be a very mean, vengeful and destructive force, sometimes killing millions, even children, to get his way.  As such, when it comes to beliefs, I prefer to believe in myself and have faith in my fellow man.

My views are likely different, but Emmanuel Church understands and respects these differences and accepts me fully as a member, for which I am deeply grateful. 

Why I would be a good addition to the Standing Committee is one word: creativity (or thinking differently).  I have thought creatively my entire life and career.  There is always more than one right answer to every problem.  This is my promise to you: I will look at all sides of the issue, think of different solutions to consider, and not follow conformity or the status quo.



Timothy L. DeMentSt. Vincent’s in the Vineyard, Ste. Genevieve

I was born October 14, 1944, in St. Louis, MO and raised in various areas of the city. My  family moved to De Soto, MO in 1952, where I attended Junior High and High School. After graduation in 1962, I attended Flat River Junior College for about a year. I left college for a special electronics apprenticeship with McDonnell Aircraft Corp. until 1966.

From 1966 to 1970 I was in the US Air Force, with extensive travel in a classified assignment. After I left the Air Force, I attended Jefferson Community College and Southwest Missouri State University. I graduated magna cum laude with a BS degree in mathematics and a minor in environmental physics in 1977, and completed two semesters of graduate school in the next year.

After college, I worked as a computer specialist with the Defense Mapping Agency in St. Louis until I found my career as an engineer with Southwestern Bell Telephone Co in 1979. While working there I held various positions where I developed computer programs for company applications, designed and purchased equipment for various networks, provided information and testimony with the FCC and the MO PSC, supervised up to 96 employees, and managed several multi-state projects with budgets in excess of $20 million. I retired from Southwestern Bell  (renamed AT&T) in 2007.

My family attended and I was baptized in the First Christian Church where my grandfather was a minister. I started attending the Catholic Church while in the Air Force and converted to Catholicism in 2002. In 2007, my wife and I found St. Vincent’s in the Vineyard Episcopal Church in Coffman (Ste. Genevieve), MO and fell in love with the church and religious philosophy. We’ve attended St. Vincent’s until this year and plan to stay there. My wife and I have both been looking for a way to become more involved with the Episcopal Church and to share any talents that we may have. I believe that I can contribute as a lay member of the Standing Committee.



Lisa FoxGrace Church, Jefferson City

Since moving to Missouri in 1999, I have been actively engaged in the life of my parish and the life of the diocese.  I served on my parish vestry during a time of transition for the search for a new rector.  During that time, I learned a great deal about the relationship between the diocese and her parishes.

I was one of the earliest missioners to spend time in the Diocese of Lui, South Sudan.  That time transformed my passion for our need to be companions with other members of the Anglican Communion.

In the past years, the bishop appointed me to the task force to develop a diocesan response to the proposed Anglican Covenant, then to the task force on the blessing of same-sex unions.  In my work on those task forces, I was blessed to work with diverse members of our diocese and learned much about the work of reconciliation and active listening.

I served for 7 years on the diocesan Committee on Nominations and Election Procedures and I understand the roles of our various bodies.  I now serve on the Resolutions Committee.

In my parish, I have chaired two discernment committees, leading to the ordination of both candidates. It was my humble treasure to walk through that process with those candidates.

I was elected as a deputy to the General Convention of the Episcopal Church in 2012, 2015, and 2018.  I believe it is important to connect our parishes and diocese to the wider church.

 I understand the work of the Standing Committee is to “think big” about the mission and ministry of our diocese.  During my 19 years in this diocese, I have been in regular contact with the diocesan staff discussing how we might better serve the church.  It would be an honor to serve on the Standing Committee to carry that vision forward.



Loretta GoSt. Martin’s Church, Ellisville 

It is my pleasure to nominate Loretta Go to serve on the Standing Committee.

A life-long Episcopalian, Loretta has been a member of St. Martin’s Episcopal Church for over 12 years where she has served in various capacities including vestry, junior warden, lay reader and lay eucharistic minister, assistant treasurer, stewardship and outreach committees, and on staff as Administrative Assistant to Clergy. She has served as a convention delegate since 2015.

Born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas to Chinese immigrants, Loretta was baptized and confirmed in the late 1960’s at Trinity Episcopal Church and made her Cursillo in 1983 in the Diocese of Western Louisiana. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and Oral Communication. Loretta and husband Jack reside in Ballwin.

Loretta is honest, dependable, and hard-working. Her career as a commercial mortgage professional requires skill sets of organization and the ability to foster positive discussions, as well as bring out the best in others with whom she works. Her leadership ability would make her a valuable addition to the Standing Committee.

Nominated by Kay Fletcher,  St. Martin’s Church



Jeffrey (Jeff) YountSt. Peter’s Church, Ladue

I have been a member of the Episcopal Church for over 30 years and have been active at St. Peter’s in Ladue since 2003. I served on the vestry for four years, spanning two rectors and one interim rector. During my time on the vestry and for a year after, I was also the treasurer. My service also includes various committees, including the Budget and Audit Commission, stewardship committee and investment committee. I also usher 10-15 times per year and am a member of the men’s breakfast group.

My service to St. Peter’s has been personally rewarding and I would like to continue serving the church at the diocesan level. I have seen firsthand the challenges faced by many parishes as they transition from one rector to another. I have also experienced the financial challenges a parish sometimes faces and have helped with the recovery and subsequent growth leading to stability. I believe my experiences at St. Peter’s and my overall business experience as a business owner and financial executive could provide benefit to the Standing Committee.

My wife, Elizabeth, and I have been married for over 32 years and we have three children who have grown up in the Episcopal Church. Katherine and her husband, Max, live in Dallas. Michael is working and attending college  at the University of Colorado in Boulder and Christopher is a recent graduate from DePauw University and is coaching soccer while preparing for graduate school.

I would be appreciative of the opportunity and honored to serve the Diocese of Missouri through the Standing Committee.



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