Finding God's work beyond the red doors: JesusHacked podcast 23

August 10, 2017
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An intentional self-study as a beloved pastor of thirty-plus years was retiring aligned with a congregational development course to challenge a downtown congregation. Grace Church in Jefferson City discerned they wanted to be not only more visible in their community, but more active and engaged. This led them out the front doors, to look up and to look around at the connections to be made. "We didn't set out to start a new social service agency. We were just trying to figure out, how can we as a faith community bring our resources, energy, talents and skills to the table to meet some of the needs we have in this community?"

Listen to this inspiring conversation on the most recent JesusHacked podcast with Robyn Burnett and Ken Luebbering from Grace Episcopal Church in Jefferson City and host Deacon Harry Leip.

Upcoming episodes include conversations with Diocesan Council and Standing Committee members talking about the work of those governance bodies and their impact on this diocese (just in time for you to consider standing for nomination); Heidi Kim, TEC Staff Officer for Racial Reconciliation and the Rev. Gayle Fisher-Stewart, Calvary Church in Washington DC, both in town for the recent Advocacy Institute, talking about becoming the beloved community with host Deborah Nelson Linck.

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