School for Ministry plans colloquium on eucharistic theologies

July 18, 2016
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The Episcopal School for Ministry proposes to convene a colloquium for interested local scholars beginning in Fall 2016. The colloquium would research Anglican eucharistic ecclesiologies, or the link between eucharistic theology (concerning presence and sacrifice) and ecclesiology, and the place of both Church and eucharist in soteriology and atonement.

The colloquium would invite papers on particular Anglican/Episcopal divines and/or traditions, exploring their eucharistic theologies and ecclesiologies, and setting the divine or tradition against a political and social background.

A first reading of the history of Anglican eucharistic theologies suggests that ‘lower’ eucharistic theologies (memorialist and/or receptionist) go hand-in- hand with similarly ‘low’ ecclesiologies (the Church as the number of the elect), while ‘higher’ eucharistic theologies (focusing on the Real Presence and some understanding of a eucharistic sacrifice) link to ‘high’ ecclesiologies in which the institutional Church has a role to play in the economy of salvation.

We hope to edit a volume for publication that would aid Anglican eucharistic theology by elucidating the ecclesiological (and political) stakes in the various eucharistic debates in the Anglican traditions.

Some of the non-European branches of the Anglican tradition have begun to recover indigenous understandings of sacrifice and apply them fruitfully to their eucharistic theologies, significantly enriching their experience of eucharistic worship. We believe that the situation of European Anglican eucharistic theologies in their own social and political contexts and ecclesiological debates would bear fruit by bringing to light the stakes in those debates, and provide necessary background for any future work of liturgical revision.

The colloquium would meet every other month at Eden Seminary in St. Louis to hear and discuss papers.

Marshall Crossnoe 
Dan Handschy 
Donna Hawk-Reinhard

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