Offices of the Bishop - Communications: Report to the 176th Convention

November 21, 2015
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The goals of the communications office are to disseminate official notices from the bishop to clergy and members of the diocese, to provide a communications framework to support shared and reported news of diocesan organizations, parishes, and members, and to act as a media liaison connecting religious and secular news media to the work of the community in Making Disciples, Building Congregations, For the Life of the World.

The communications team consists of Director Beth Felice, Offices of the Bishop receptionist and communications assistant (2/5 time) Tracy Grigsby, and Archivist Sue Rehkopf.

Inspired by attendance at an Episcopal Church workshop on Asset Based Community Development and the ongoing Episcopal Asset Map project, I’ve created an asset map of the resources that communications office has to offer with the diocesan community.


  • Seek, printed quarterly tab, small bundles mailed to each church, free by USPS to homes, subscribe and view online at
  • iSeek, weekly emailed newsletter (Thursdays),
  • Submit an article or item for Seek or iSeek, online,
  • Online calendar, diocesan and parish events. Add your meeting, event, special service to the online calendar,
  • Daily Missouri Episcopalian,, auto-generated each morning at 5 am includes any link with #diomo, blogs from diocesan members, parishes, Episcopal News Service and churchwide news
  • Diocesan website,, If the resource is not included, talk to us about your vision.
  • Diocesan newsfeed
  • Episcopal Asset Map, get your parish online,
  • Smart phone app for iPhone or Android, , or on iTunes or Google’s Play Store.

Social Media outposts

  • Facebook page
  • Twitter @DioceseMO, @DioMOnews, @OurEpiscopalMO, use the hashtag #DioMO)
  • Instagram, photos especially group and church selfies shout out to @MissouriEpiscopal and we’ll regram
  • Vimeo, videos,
  • YouTube, videos,
  • Flickr, photos,
  • Pinterest, join a group board or start a group board,
  • LuiNetwork, companion diocese group blog,
  • LinkedIn group,

Online groups and listservs

  • Email blasts for anyone involved in church communications, lay or clergy, paid or volunteer. Messages from the bishop, from diocesan organizations, and from mission partners for websites, appropriate for bulletins, newsletters, and websites. Broadcast via email. Ask to be put on list,
  • Good Newsers at ConnectDioMO, participatory group for diocesan members and staff.
  • ConnectDioMO is a small groups space online open for diocesan use
  • Monthly online Weebly interest group
  • MOCA group on Yahoo, Missouri Clergy Association, not connected with communications office, list admins include the Rev. Dan Handschy,
  • Email listservs for Dismantling Racism, ESM alums, ESM faculty, ESM board. Would your diocesan organization be served by owning a list? Contact


  • Wufoo (forms) we have a bundle of 5 users at any given time
  • Weebly (websites) we have a pack of 10
  • Animoto (video creator)
  • ConnectDioMO, private diocesan network, unlimited space for parish and dio org work,
  • Wiki,
  • Adobe Connect

Hardware (short term lending)

  • 5 projectors, 1 mini “Pico” projector
  • 1 Go Pro camera
  • 1 Panasonic hand held video camera
  • 1 digital camera
  • 1 Yeti USB mic, great for podcast or small group recording
  • 1 Fender medium sized PA amp
  • 1 Alesis 4 track USB mixer
  • 1 wireless lavalier, 1 wireless handheld mic
  • Conference bridge (phone)

What is missing from this list? Your suggestions are welcome.

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