Grace Church celebrates feast days of Absalom Jones and Anna Julia Cooper

February 12, 2015
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Anna Julia Cooper was an African-American educator, scholar, and advocate whose remarkable life spanned from the last years of slavery to the Civil Rights era in the mid-20th century. She was also briefly a parishioner at Grace Church. Cooper taught at Lincoln University from 1906-1910. Her feast day is celebrated along with educator Elizabeth Evelyn Wright on February 20.

Absalom Jones was an African-American abolitionist and clergyman. In 1794 he founded a black congregation, the African Episcopal Church of St. Thomas in Philadelphia,  and was then ordained in 1804 as the first African-American priest in the Episcopal Church. We celebrate his feast day on February 13, the day of his death.

Grace Episcopal Church in Jefferson City will observe the feast days of both Absalom Jones and Anna Julia Cooper on Sunday, February 15. Preaching that day will be Dr. Debra Greene, a parishioner and professor of history at Lincoln University. Grace will again use service music from Robert Mitchell and the choir will sing two additional anthems from Mitchell. Karel Lowery directs the choir.

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