"Let Freedom Ring": 6th annual daylong community reading of King's sermons and letters

January 07, 2015
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Monday, January 19 at Christ Church Cathedral

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday, Christ Church Cathedral is the hosting the sixth annual "Let Freedom Ring" -- a daylong community reading of his writings, sermons and speeches on Monday, January 19, 2015- from the very pulpit where Dr. King preached in 1964.


The Nave of the Cathedral (13th street between Olive and Locust, next to the Central Library) will be open from 9 am through 5 pm for the reading, which will be accompanied by a visual display of pictures of the civil rights leader. The public is invited both to come and listen and also to take part in the reading. There is no admission charge.

There is an assigned reader for each half-hour segment of the community reading, but anyone in attendance is invited to be part of the reading as well by coming to the pulpit and indicating they wish to take over for a time. Whenever they wish to stop, someone will be ready to take their place.

"Like scripture, Dr. King's words don't just have meaning for the generation in which they were written, but new meaning for every generation," says the Very Rev. Mike Kinman, Dean of Christ Church Cathedral. "As a new civil rights movement is being born right here in St. Louis, there is no better time for us to hear his words afresh and look for their guiding wisdom."

"We are providing an opportunity for people to come and let these words just wash over them and also participate in reading them -- and, in this case, stand in the very place where he stood. Whether people come for 10 minutes, an hour or all day we want to provide chance for everyone to hear these words, let them re-enter our consciousness and continue to form us today."

This is the sixth year Christ Church Cathedral is offering this observance.

"Dr. King embodied the deepest tradition of our faith being a balance between reflection and action," Kinman says. "President Obama has well reminded us that his birthday is an opportunity for action in our communities. We are providing an opportunity for reflection to inform our actions not just on this one day but every day."

Please address all questions to the Very Rev. Mike Kinman at mkinman@christchurchcathedral.us or 314.348.6453. You can download an event flier here.
The Facebook event page for Let Freedom Ring is https://www.facebook.com/events/420104221474082/

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