Now is a time to storm the throne of God, now is a time to renounce violence

November 05, 2014
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To: The People of the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri 
From: Bishop Wayne Smith

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

No one can doubt the anxiety in Saint Louis City and County as we await the County Grand Jury’s decision to indict Officer Darren Wilson, or not, in the shooting death of Michael Brown. No matter the decision, there will be disappointment and upset in the community, and likely there will be turmoil and protest.

As people of God, we do well to anticipate these likelihoods by preparing spiritually. Corporate and personal prayer become crucial in times like these, and I know that some congregations expect to open their doors to be places of prayer for their neighborhoods. Their doing so encourages me, and I hope that you will publicize these invitations broadly. Now is a time to storm the throne of God.

Now is also a time for the renunciation of violence—not just physical violence, but the violence of words. The spiritual discipline of guarding what we say, out of anger or hurt, becomes immeasurably important in times like these. This discipline allows us actually to become instruments of peace. 
I plead for your prayers.

For the sake of the One who comes for our peace,
Wayne Smith

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