A Lenten Journey with the Wau Diocese in South Sudan

February 03, 2014
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Update: 3/5/14

The Companion Diocese Committee is sponsoring an email list discussion group for diocesan members and mission partners. It's a private email list to study together the Lenten course "Concord for Peace and Reconciliation" from the Diocese of Wau, South Sudan

CDC chair Evelyn Smith said, "The Lenten course is available for anyone interested in sharing their ideas in a group setting online." Participants will study and discuss varied topics themed around peace and reconciliation. Please note that once you are a participant the conversations are confidential to the members in the Concord Lent group.

You can review the materials at the above link. If you are interested in joining the email list, please send your name, email address, and parish or organization affiliation to communications director Beth Felice.

We'll begin tomorrow morning. Each subsequent Wednesday we'll delve into a new chapter of discussion questions, scripture, background information, and activities for that week.

Concord - for peace and reconciliation
The 2014 Wau Diocese Lent Study Course

Last year the Diocese of Wau in the Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan produced a Lenten study guide. With the help of the Diocese of Salisbury, they also organized an online forum for participants from around the Anglican Communion to discuss the weekly lessons. A small group of participants from Missouri and Salisbury had a rich dialogue with Mothers Union members and other clergy, mostly from the Wau Diocese.

This year's offering, Concord - for peace and reconciliation, is particularly precious in the context of the current cease-fire in the country of South Sudan, and the context of healing from the long and divisive civil war.

The six weeks' study works through these topics:

  • Principle Causes
  • Beating Violence
  • Tribal Fighting
  • Seeking Peace
  • Slippery Truths
  • Living Peace
And again this year, Dave Lewis from the Salisbury-Sudan Link has built an online forum for discussion.
Please consider using this material for individual or group Lenten study, and, if you do please consider joining a most engaging conversation with members of the Wau Diocese online.

[See a Copy] [Print a copy] [Weekly Sheets] [Public Forum]

Written by staff of Wau Diocese in the Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan, this is a simple Lent course designed for use by anyone anywhere. Completely self contained the course can be obtained for free online at the Wau diocese website and is set over six sessions. No extras or props are needed, worksheets and leaders notes are all included, simply print what you need or even read directly from a laptop.

The course works by discussion and prayer, gives an African outlook on Christianity and focuses on particular issues relating to peace. This is the second Lent course created by Wau Diocese and it tries to stimulate participation, discovery and tackle hard issues in faith. Topics include, tribalism, domestic violence, trauma, the causes of friction and what we mean by peace.

As you progress, share your thoughts and discoveries online through the Wau Diocese Lent Forum, illuminate other users of the course and at the same time expand opportunities to learn and grow this Lent. Spend some time with one of the most energetic and expanding churches on the planet and experience a Christian journey in African company.

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