Task Force on Hunger

                                                                I was hungry and you fed me…      Matthew 25:34


Task Force on Hunger members are volunteers from congregations throughout the Diocese of Missouri. We meet every other month to carry out the business of supporting, and acting on behalf of, hungry persons by:

  • Funding food ministries 
  • Raising awareness about hunger-related issues  
  • Serving as a resource to food ministries within the Diocese of Missouri
  • Advocating on behalf of hungry persons within the diocese



The Task Force invites food ministries affiliated with an Episcopal congregation within the Diocese of Missouri to submit an application for funding for the coming calendar year. 

The food pantries and projects we support often operate on a shoestring budget  but they are on the front lines in fighting hunger in our neighborhoods. Thus our primary work is to support these groups by providing money that helps keep them viable. (See sidebar for application.)

Funding is disbursed to the ministries throughout the year based on the revenue received.  Our primary sources of revenue include:

  • The Diocesan annual operating budget,
  • Donations made by individuals, 
  • Grants received from parishes, and
  • Donations received during Hunger Month.   



Raising Awareness

Hunger and food insecurity are problems not limited by geography, race, or citizenship. 

The Task Force on Hunger strives to raise awareness of food insufficiency throughout the diocese.  We designate one month per year as Hunger Month so that congregations can circulate information about the problem of food insecurity within our diocese.  Task Force members are available to preach or lead an Adult Forum on a Sunday, and we raise funds though plate donations to go to the ministries that we support. We share stories about the hungry and the food ministries aimed at alleviating their needs in diocesan publications.



Resource for Food Ministries

The Task Force on Hunger is a resource to food ministries within the Diocese of Missouri, serving as an information clearinghouse on topics of poverty, hunger issues and types of programs that could be created to address hunger




The Task Force on Hunger, in partnership with other organizations, advocates to effect policy and program changes that directly affect the hungry persons in Missouri.  We have initiated a partnership with Empower Missouri to expand our reach and our ability to advocate on behalf of hungry persons. 



New Task Force Members

We seek individuals to join us in this ministry.  Our goal is membership from every geographic area (convocation) of the diocese.  We meet every other month on Saturday morning from 9:30 to 11:00 am so that folks can travel from around the diocese to the meetings.  

If you are interested in joining the Task Force, or would like more information please contact one of the committee members listed below.

  • Jane Mayfield (Chair), Christ Church Cathedral,  Jane.Mayfield@outlook.com
  • Scott Ferguson (Secretary), Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion  
  • Bill Haggerty (Treasurer), Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion.  william_haggerty@att.net
  • The Rev. Kevin McGrane, St. John’s Episcopal Church, Tower Grove, St. Louis
  • The Rev. Barbi Click, Trinity Episcopal Church, CWE, St. Louis, Christ Church Cathedral
  • The Rev. Susan Naylor, Christ Church Cathedral.  sricenaylor@yahoo.com
  • Lynn Wolfe, Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion
  • Kathleen McDonald, St. Francis' Episcopal Church
  • Lyn Anthoney, Emmanuel Episcopal Church



More Info

Contact Jane Mayfield, task force chair
Related Facebook page: The Hunger Page