History of STARSS and the Diocese

1959 - Committee appointed by the seventh Bishop of Missouri, the Rt. Rev. George Cadigan, to explore the needs of aging persons and the ability and resources of the Church to meet those needs. Committee discovered a similar Committee of the St. Louis Presbytery was engaged in the same exploration, and the two Committees met jointly.

1961 - The Committees approved the formation of a non-profit corporation, formed jointly by the local Episcopal and Presbyterian Churches to operate a facility or facilities for the care of elderly people. Board members were appointed by the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri and the Presbytery of Giddings Lovejoy and directed to form a corporation. September 5, 1961, the Episcopal-Presbyterian Foundation for the Aging, Inc., was chartered with six Presbyterians and six Episcopalians as Directors, plus the Moderator and Executive Secretary of the Presbytery and the Bishop and Canon to the Ordinary as permanent members. The Board defined its immediate objective as the operation of a residence for elderly well people, for their lifetime.

1981 - STARS created St. Andrew's Home Services (now called St. Andrew’s Senior Solutions), a not-for-profit organization designed to meet the urgent need to provide cost-efficient care for the elderly in their homes, primarily as an alternative to the high cost of nursing homes. STARS created St. Andrew's Management Services, Inc., as a wholly owned subsidiary, to provide management consultation and operations management to organizations across the country, which are interested in offering service to older people.

1985 - STARS changed its name to St. Andrew’s Episcopal-Presbyterian Foundation. STARS, its affiliates and subsidiary are most commonly referred to as simply "St. Andrew's" and the name links all resources of services together. St. Andrew's was chosen as it represents a mission of outreach to people with various service needs.

1992 - In January, the Spiritual Outreach Ministry program began.

2000 - St. Andrew’s Episcopal-Presbyterian Foundation changed its name to St. Andrew’s Resources for Seniors (STARS) in December, 2000.

2009 - The name St. Andrew’s Resources for Seniors System (STARSS) was added in 2009.

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