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Sewanee is the only university in the nation that is owned and governed by dioceses of the Episcopal Church, specifically the 28 dioceses of the southeastern United States. With historic roots in the Anglican ecclesiastical and academic traditions, Sewanee welcomes people of all faiths and offers a lively environment for active worship in the Episcopal tradition, which includes a commitment to service and an openness to intellectual discourse.

The bishops who founded the University of the South included theological education as an essential part of their dream for a great university. Only two years after the University of the South opened in 1868, students at Sewanee were reading theology. In 1872, the first priest from Sewanee was ordained. By 1878, the Episcopal Church formally opened a seminary at the University of the South.

Grounded in scholarship, Anglican heritage, and faith, the School of Theology at Sewanee represents the best in theological education for the clergy and lay leaders of tomorrow. Degree programs of various types prepare priests and lay persons for ministry.

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