Seek - September 2016


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Discerning Our Future; School for Ministry Colloquium

Introducing Deaconess Anne House, fourth year

The Hawk by Leslie Barnes Scoopmire

Clergy and Congregations

Sharing God's Goodness by the Church of St. Michael and St. George

Some of the most important work with young people by Loren Lasch

Crop Walkers beckoned  by Pamela Dolan

St. Alban's at the Back to School Fair

ECM Concert in the Park

You Hurry Back Now by Deacons Beth Simpson and Nancy Belcher

A Christian Conversation on Race & Racism

And At the Last: An end-of-life planning seminar

Book review: A Faith for the Future

A Chorister School for St. Paul's, Sikeston

Steer your Strategy: Diocesan Communications workshop

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