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Seek: Our stories of following Jesus in the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri is printed quarterly. Mailed free of charge to any diocesan member, each subscription also includes several post cards sent through the year regarding diocesan events of note.


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Current issue: Summer 2020

Our newest edition of Seek features pictures and details of the ordination of Bishop Deon Johnson, articles about how our  diocese is facing the COVID-19 pandemic, new calls for racial justice, and much more. 



Previous issues

Seek - Spring 2020

Seek - Fall 2019

This special edition of Seek! features everything you need to know about our 2019 Diocesan Convention and bishop election. 

Seek -June/July 2019

Seeking a new bishop, a prayer and the diocesan profile; Transition Committee begins its work; Sitting on the Saints by Paul Metzler; Living in the Spirit: Religious in the Diocese; Becoming: Art Bridges the Divides; Summer and Jesus; Hope and Healing; Safe Space Cape; Cathedral to Cathedral; Blessing of the Bikes; A Relational Approach to Mission at St. Paul's

Seek - March 2019

Meet December's Ordinands; Witness to the Black Prophetic Voice - Absalom Jones Remembrance; Leaning Towards the Light by the Rev. Mark Kozielec; Jesus Asset-Mapped? by the Rev. Dan Handschy; Listening for God at a thin place by Jerry Cooper; Diocesan Youth Summer Mission Trip to Appalachia this July 13-20; The Chaplains of Episcopal City Mission:Remembering the Future by Bishop Wayne Smith; Resolutions Passed by the 179th Diocesan Convention; Preparing for Lent by the Rev. Rebecca Ragland; Electing Our Next Bishop; Ash Wednesday and Beyond: Meditations for Lent and Holy Week; Big Provincial Gathering in July; This year at Deaconess Anne House

Seek - November 2018

Faith Christian Church of India "We might be here for the one lost sheep."; Search Committee chosen for the Next Bishop of the Diocese of Missouri; The Thin Place of All Saints' Day by the Rev. Susie Skinner; Offering Centering Prayer in the County Jail; This Diocese's faithful response to gun violence; Episcopal Artists Engage with Baptismal Covenant Questions in New Exhibit; Church-wide Bible Reading Initiative for Epiphany 2019: Romans; Proclaiming the Dream; Preparing to Become the Beloved Community; The Missouri Deputation and General Convention by deputation co-chairs Betty Bowersox and Tamsen Whistler; The Larger Conversation; General Convention: a bishop's eye-view; The Way of Love; #adventword; Nominees for Diocesan Governance

Seek - July 2018

July 2018: The Story (and theology) of the Miracle in Kiryandongo by Deborah Goldfeder; The Waters of Baptism in this Diocese; JesusHacked Podcast wins award, begins second season of recording with a new feature; The Way of Love: Defining the Jesus Movement; Royal Wedding sermon heard by 2 billion worldwide; General Convention; Loren Lasch appointed diocesan Canon for Christian Formation; Next Dismantling Racism Training; Hands-On Social Media Training for Parish Evangelists; The people of St. Paul's Church in Carondelet neighborhood of St. Louis are discerning* the best use for their vacant rectory; God's timing, or just another day at Trinity Food Pantry; Missouri Faith Leaders oppose allowing concealed weapons in houses of worship; Bishop's letter to the Missouri Assembly; Diocesan Council Statement on Safe Gun Storage; Gun Violence Prevention Initiatives in the Diocese; Introducing a new disaster response coordinator for the diocese: Joan Keenan; All-Parish Read Digs Beyond Skin-Deep by Florrie Kohn; Grace Church in Jefferson City calls next rector: Ian Lasch; Clergy transitions and ordinations; Legacy of Anne Branch Cushing remembered at fifth generation's baptism; Emmanuel called next rector: Jenny Hulen; Portland Daughters of the King; St. Martin's calls Priest-in-charge: Leslie Scoopmire; Enter the No-Fake Zone by Christopher Kurth, Lay chaplain with the Community of Hope International; Episcopal School for Ministry: Ecumenical Opportunities by Dan Handschy, Dean, Episcopal School for Ministry; Sharon Meusch: ECW Missouri's distinguished woman

Seek - Winter 2018

Winter 2018: Baptism, Be the Church and Discipleship by Bishop Wayne; When mission informs, upgrading the floor becomes ministry; Can a Community Collaborate to Care for Each Member of its Neighborhood?; Clay Cafe; Holy Communion Does Holy Construction; You gotta get up, get out, and go get it; The Thomas Bray Children's Library at Emmanuel; Diocesan Convention review.

Seek - Nov 2017

New St. Francis Church Nears Completion; Magdalene's Hope Jernagan speaks at convention; The Rev. Charles Wynder presents on Becoming Beloved Community; Updated interactive Dismantling Racism training, manual, debuts in January; Another successful "Fill-the-Ford" led by St. Barnabas' Church; Gratitude's Season; St. Stephen's Church and the SoulFisher Ministries; John the Baptist and Gun Violence by Lu-Anne Conner; Holy Communion Members Make Human-Rights Trek to El Salvador by Robert Lowes; New Order of Daughters of the King in Portland; Messy Church at Grace in Kirkwood; The Church Service League supports CSMSG ministry and discipleship; The Food Ministries of Trinity Church in St. Charles; Closing the Circle by Deborah Goldfeder; Longing for the Holy City by Adrienne Dillon; The Porter at The Door by Deborah Caby; Meet Deaconess Anne House members Rebecca and Kevin; Global Motherhood Initiative Co-Founder to speak at Emmanuel; A pastors' conference in Tanzania, a frog on the fencepost by Dan Handschy.

Seek - June 2017

The Spirit-filled Missouri visits of Michael Curry; Follow the Youth this Summer; Presiding Bishop Calls for Revival by Florrie Kohn; Healing a House Divided, An Interview with Presiding Bishop Michael Curry; The Spirit was Woke in Kansas City; A Conversation with Bishop Wayne interviewed by Shug Goodlow; Grace Hill's Whitaker Urban Concert Series;We didn't give up, and now we've opened a new ministry site; Annual women's retreat from ECW; New Baptismal Font at St. Mark’s Church in St. Louis; Trinity Church celebrates 100 years; The Community of St. Brigid; Tanzania and the theology of food by Dan Handschy+

Seek - February 2017

One Life at a Time: Preventing Gun Violence and Caring for its Survivors by Marc Smith+; A Glimpse into our future Church? by the Rev. Canon Joe Chambers; The Dying and Rising Church: Bishop Wayne's address to the diocese; Meet Today's Grace Hill by Delores Hardwick; Seeking Christ in All Persons Through the Arts: Absalom Jones celebration 2017; A Successful 177th meeting of convention in the Diocese of Missouri; Presiding Bishop to speak in St. Louis: Healing a House Divided, lecture at the Danforth Center for Religion and Politics; A Stations of the Cross pilgrimage this April by Rebecca Ragland+; Next Director of Deaconess Anne House named; Grateful to be a Lutherpalian! by Cathy Rosenholtz+; The Call to Ordination: Four Journeys-- Ian Lasch, Leslie Scoopmire, Maria Evans, Andrew Suitter

Seek - November 2016

Let us build a house where love can dwell: groundbreaking at St. Francis' new site; Congregational Discernment: a new course from the Episcopal School for Ministry; Celebrating racial justice work in the diocese by Dismantling Racism Commission; Calvary readies for mice; Discerning our way to a call by Jonathan Sanders; Calling All Directors of Christian Education by Ann Babington; Absalom Jones commemoration; Advent Quiet Day at All Saints' Church; On the departure of a rector by Kenneth Winn; Waters of Baptism by Lisa Fox; A congregation dedicated to prayer produces much fruit by Martha Baker; Dust to Dust by Deborah Caby; Podcasting the Jesus movement; All Saints Church: the path forward. An interview with Bishop Wayne and Patricia Heeter; Newly called; God's very being draws praise from our lips by David Sinden

Seek - September 2016

God's Got a Mission by Deacons Janet Schisser, Harry Leip, and Nancy Belcher; What is Jubilee Ministry? by Barbi Click; Thoughts of A Common Ground Gardener by Helen Barnett; Refugee Shoe Project; Discerning Our Future, School for Ministry Colloquium, Episcopal School for Ministry; Introducing Deaconess Anne House, fourth year; The Hawk by Leslie Barnes Scoopmire; Clergy and Congregations; Sharing God's Goodness by the Church of St. Michael and St. George; Some of the most important work with young people by Loren Lasch; A Note to Mom by Bill Sanders; Crop Walkers beckoned by Pamela Dolan; You Hurry Back Now by Deacons Beth Simpson and Nancy Belcher; Quarterly News from the ECW Board, Diocese of Missouri; Book review: A Faith for the Future; A Chorister School for St. Paul's, Sikeston; Steer your Strategy Diocesan Communications workshop; The Hard Work of Dismantling Racism

Seek - June 2016

Back from Kampala, Bishop Wayne reports on the state of Lui Diocese in South Sudan; Wait, wait, DO tell me! Jeanie Bryant interviews Bishop Wayne; It's not always maracas and ay yi yi by Martha Baker; On Not Belonging by Rebecca Ragland; 602 Brewster Rd in Eureka: St. Francis’ new home; Absalom Jones commemorated with "Living Apart" by Flossie Kohn and Agnes Bolwell; Bishop Wayne appoints Loren Lasch Youth Missioner of the Diocese; Changing the Hearts and Minds of Those Who Hate by Chester Hines, Jr.; For the Love of St. Luke's; The Micah Society: A Different Path by Kevin McGrane, Sr.; Welcoming Wiggles: Calvary Church in Columbia's new family communion service; From the Wilderness to the Garden, ECW retreat; Stories of Resurrection by Deaconess Anne House; The Returning Chalice Bearer; Laundry Love in St. Charles; The Certainty within the Mystery by Barbi Click

Seek - Feb 2016

Be Reconciled! November’s convention strikes resonant note for diocesan participants; Address to the Diocese by Bishop Wayne Smith; Living Apart: Race, Residency and Reality in our Communities, February's Absalom Jones commemoration; Be Reconciled! grows at Grace by Deacon Paula Hartsfield; Resolved! Resolutions adopted by 176th Diocesan Convention; Aim for Summer Fun: Camp Phoenix; Notes from Mizzou Campus by Martha Kelly; Resources for Reflection during Lent

Seek - Nov 2015

A Letter to Vasco by Deborah Goldfeder; Sorrows of South Sudan by Bishop Wayne Smith; Laundry of Love by Transfiguration Church and Trinity Church St. Charles; Feed and Be Fed! by St. Paul's Church, Carondelet; A Berry Patch for Shepherd Farm by Good Shepherd Church; Young Adults at St. Tim's by St. Timothy's Church; A New Model to end homelessness by Christ Church Cathedral; Why Christian? by Rebecca Guth; If you could write a motto for St. Matthew's...; A Verging Success!

Seek - Sept 2015

A bishop's eye-view of General Convention by Bishop Wayne Smith; Conversations drive launch of Ministry on Racial Reconciliation by Kurt Greenbaum; Exercising Privilege: Living, Learning, Law; Serving Children in Detention by Beth Goad; Conversations of Hope and Healing by Jeff Fabbiano; The Gardens of DioMO; The Acts of Convention; Collaboration and Gratitude, and a new kitchen for St. Stephen's; Stir Up the Spirit by Jeanne King; A newly-tuned discernment process in the diocese; Living out our Baptismal Covenant by Nancy Belcher; Mary at St. Paul's; Brownies for JoJo by Kevin McGrane; Is There More than the Summit? by Joe Chambers

Seek - June 2015

Blood Cries Out from the Ground: Reflections on Ferguson by Bishop Wayne Smith; Nepal Earthquake Response Fund; Ferguson: calling us deeper as followers of Jesus into the work of racial justice; What We Become! by Dietra Wise Baker; Christian Spirituality: an easy introduction to School for Ministry by Kevin Selle; Theology of Ministry: Discernment, Ministry of a Priest, Ministry of a Deacon; How to care for, and get the most from your Deacon by Mark Sluss; When Something is Right: Good Friday Blues by Eliza Lynn; Why Camp Phoenix?; The 7-11 Club; A Holly Cross for Trinity via Holy Cross in Poplar Bluff

Seek - Feb. 2015

A Call to Community, Prayer, and Beyond by Gloria Miller; The End of Christendom by Bishop Wayne Smith; Joe Chambers: Canon for Mission & Young Adults; Confession #1: Magdalene has changed my life! by Sherry Nelson; Truth in Contradiction by Brendan Jones O’Connor; Youth conversation about Ferguson by Danielle Dowd; Our ministry together this year: diocesan reports from convention; Deep in construction, then the boiler goes out by Maria Evans; In the Aftermath, How will we go forward? by Martie Metzler; A Theology of Ministry

Seek - Nov. 2014

To Lament by Eliza Lynn; The End of Racism matters to the Church by Bishop Wayne Smith; $40,000 Grant for Ferguson; Youth missioner offers resource for parents and hosts conversation on Ferguson; Gathering Leaders with Joy: Diocesan Convention; Called to be a City on the Hill by Brendan O’Connor; What’s a Diocesan Youth Advisory Council? by Christian Davis; Teens help with Deaconess Anne House by Kyleigh Wacasey; 3 months later: looking back at EYE by Maddie Eveland; ECM Celebrates 60 Years of Hope and Healing by Beth Goad; A Celtic Eucharist in Ferguson by Donna Hawk-Reinhard; Jesus never said the road would be easy by Renee Fenner; When Violence comes close by Edie Bird; First, we Pray by Tamsen Whistler

Seek - Sept. 2014

The Servant Church by Bishop Wayne, Deacons, and Diocesan Convention; 8 Life Lessons from the Anytown experience; Holy Places are holy because that's where people are praying; I shouldn't be a Christian; Feeling Free to Follow Jesus; Reflections on Episcopal Youth Event from participants; Handcrafted life; Program for Congregational Vitality: Episcopal School for Ministry; The Power of a Congregation: Our Smart Choice-Trinity Church St. Charles; Sensational at 60: Episcopal City Mission; Conversations on Faith, and the Journey to Inclusion

Seek - May 2014

An icon for St. Paul's; Alert! Christ breaking into the world: Deaconess Anne House; Two Kinds of Christians? By Bishop Wayne; God and the City: Episcopal Church Women; The universe wants to be noticed: Church of the Good Shepherd; People of the Diocese MO on Twitter; The work continues: Dismantling Racism; Hashtag this; Learning to pray; Why an Episcopal School for Ministry; South Sudan on the brink; Why I love praying in SIGN language; The path to serving Christ leads back through Missouri

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