The Larger Conversation

This past General Convention in summer of '18 passed over 500 resolutions touching on all parts of our worship and life in ministry as The Episcopal Church.

Beginning April 23, we're offering  a monthly webchat. We'll devote two episodes to each topic;  first month members of the General Convention Deputation from Missouri will lead us in discussion, and the next, we'll explore and connect over existing responses in our communities or parishes, or interest in further discussion among diocesan members.

Hosts are Deputation Co-Chairs, Betty Bowersox from Grace Church in Kirkwood and the Rev. Tamsen Whistler, rector of Trinity Church in St. Charles, with additional deputation members and guests.



NEXT episode is Tuesday, May 28, 2019 at 7 pm.

All about the episode here, how to find us in Zoom here.