The Larger Conversation

 The Larger Conversation is on hiatus during our staff transition. Please enjoy past recordings listed below. 


Our past General Convention (summer of 2018) adopted more than 500 resolutions touching on all parts of our worship and life in ministry as The Episcopal Church. A monthly online program, The Larger Conversation addresses that legislation through the lens of ministry in this diocese. We explore legislation by category, and devote to each two episodes, the first a presentation overview, the second a participatory conversation.

Our episodes in June and July (2019) consider the resolutions from General Convention on Becoming Beloved Community, anti-racism work, and how that is carried out through our own diocesan convention and through the work of the diocesan Dismantling Racism Commission.

Expect to hear an engaging mix of history and personal story with overviews of anti-racism work in the parish, diocese, province, and wider Church.

We're looking forward to Deputy Adrienne Lemmons Dillon taking the lead on these episodes. Adrienne is a member of the Dismantling Racism Commission and a member of All Saints and Ascension Church. We'll also have Tony Corey from the commission and a member at St. Timothy's

The series hosts are Deputation Co-Chairs, Betty Bowersox from Grace Church in Kirkwood and the Rev. Tamsen Whistler, rector of Trinity Church in St. Charles, with additional deputation members and guests as presenters and panelists.

Our first pair of episodes covered the Green and Creation Care resolutions, our second pair is anti-racism work, our third pair in Aug/Sept will be evangelism.



June 25's episode

May 27's episode