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Director: The Rev. Michaelene Miller

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Located in an historic and culturally diverse up-and-coming neighborhood in urban St. Louis Missouri, Deaconess Anne House invites passionate young adults, ages 21-29, to take part in a holy adventure of Christian service and intentional community. In many respects, Deaconess Anne House is a school of disciples learning the complexities of following Jesus Christ in the 21st century.

Deaconess Anne House takes its name from a dedicated deaconess who worked tirelessly in the service of some of St. Louis’ most vulnerable citizens during the early 20th century. Deaconess Anne worked in a Settlement House (Holy Cross Mission) located in the same neighborhood in which our Episcopal Service Corps members live, work, and pray. The good deaconess’s love of Christ and love of neighbor continue to inspire us to today, and we hope to emulate this saint of the church during our year of service and community life.           

We believe our neighborhood location is an indispensable component of our mission. Our neighborhood shapes us. Our interactions at community events enrich us. And we firmly believe that through the relationships we form with our neighbors Christ meets us. Members of Deaconess Anne House are encouraged to leave the confines of their house often and join the neighborhood in its common life. In theological terms, we call this intentional effort to be with our neighbors "incarnational living," but no matter the words you use, living together as a “village” makes life more interesting, fulfilling, and holy. You cannot "love your neighbor as yourself" if you don’t know your neighbor’s name.


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