Refugee Shoes Project


Deacon Deborah Goldfeder, chair person of the diocesan Companion Diocese Committee, and shepherd of this project to get shoes (and vaseline and antibiotic cream) to the refugee camp in Kiryandongo, Uganda, was pleased to announce on Sept. 12, 2017 that the shipment made it into camp.

"We believe that the items they will have received are shoes and Vaseline (most of them, at least). The examination gloves were a few microns too thin for Ugandan standards so have to be destroyed. We have had to pay for their destruction. The triple antibiotic or hydrocortisone made it through."

Sosthen reports that everyone in his community (the Moru Emmanuel Church in Kiryandongo) got shoes and that they shared with eleven congregations (different denominations). The Vaseline was distributed to mothers. Veronica and the health workers kept the hydrocortisone and triple antibiotic for use on folks with injuries.

Needed: simple shoes, anti-bacterial soap, anti-bacterial salve

Brief history:

  • Our companion diocese of Lui in South Sudan has experienced destruction this past year. War has burnt the villages and the Moru people of Lui are living in the bush, or in the diaspora in capitol city Juba or in a refugee camp out of South Sudan.
  • A number of Lui diocese members have found their way to Kiryandongo refugee camp outside Kampala Uganda. Priests Sosthen Amin and his wife Veronica have started a large church in this camp, called Emmanuel Moru Congregation.
  • Moru children traditionally do not wear shoes at home in Lui Diocese. But in this camp there are sand fleas that burrow into their skin and have to be cut out. Painful! when there is a simple remedy of washing feet with soap and wearing shoes.

Our intent is to collect a shipping container of 15,000 pairs of shoes, soap and salve, enough for the whole camp.

The companion diocese committee is organizing the container, customs for shipment into the refugee camp, and collection points for the whole diocese to participate. 



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