What is Happening?

Happening is a Christian experience for youth in grades 9-12 and adults who work with youth. The weekend is a one-time experience of God in a unique way. It is presented TO teenagers BY teenagers. The adults are there during the weekend to provide support and supervision.

Happening participants, also called candidates, listen to talks about many different subjects, given by members of staff, and then discuss what they heard in small groups. The weekend also has singing, fellowship, surprises, good food, fun and friendship. Individuals are given the chance to discover more about themselves, God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, their families, their church community and their world.

What is the Purpose of Happening?

Happening seeks to bring young persons and adults to a fuller personal knowledge of and relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, and to a deeper level of commitment and apostleship. Happening examines faith and who Jesus is and helps a young person see God as a part of everyday life, which can transform life at home, school and in the world. Many young people say Happening was a turning point in their life and it encouraged them in their participation in local congregations, the church and the world.

Happening across the country

Happening is not just a local event, there are Happening weekends occurring in diocese all around the country. All Happening weekends are fundamentally the same in structure and content, established by the National Happening Committee, with individual modifications being made by each Diocese. The Diocese of Missouri's Happening program will follow the guidelines and content set by the National Committee, but we, too, will make slight changes. Go to National Happening website.