Theological Formation

Program for Theological Formation

The Program for Theological Formation trains persons to think and live theologically and ecclesially. By enriching their understanding of the ministry of the whole Church, graduates of the program take active roles in their congregations and in the diocese to help the Church discern and engage in the ministry of the Body of Christ in the world.

The Theological Formation program addresses the basic subjects of Christian theology:
     - Spirituality
     - Old and New Testaments
     - Church History, including the Anglican and the Episcopal traditions
     - Theological Method and Reflection
     - Sacraments and Sacramental Theology
     - Preaching
     - Liturgy
     - Theology
     - Ministry Formation

The program is a three-year sequence in which each year is comprised of three terms (Fall, Winter-Spring, and Summer). Each term is held on four weekends; the ESM weekend begins on Friday evening and continues through Saturday afternoon.

Students who wish to complete the entire three-year sequence are encouraged to begin by taking the Christian Spirituality course.


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