Diaconal Formation

Program for Diaconal Formation

Persons seeking ordination as a deacon in The Episcopal Church are expected to be “prepared in and demonstrate basic competence in five general areas:
(1) Academic studies, including The Holy Scriptures,
        theology, and the tradition of the Church;
(2) Diakonia and the diaconate;
(3) Human awareness and understanding;
(4) Spiritual development and discipline;
(5) Practical training and experience”
                                      (Constitutions and Canons (2018), III.6.5(f)).

ESM’s Program for Diaconal Formation offers academic instruction and training designed to enhance students’ competence in all five areas through courses and contextual placements. Course topics include:
     - Christian Spirituality
     - Old and New Testaments
     - Church History Overview
     - Theological Method and Reflection
     - Preaching
     - Liturgy

The program is a two-year sequence in which each year is comprised of three terms (Fall, Winter-Spring, and Summer). Each term is held on four weekends; the ESM weekend begins on Friday evening and continues through Saturday afternoon.

Students who wish to complete the entire two-year sequence are encouraged to begin by taking the Christian Spirituality course.