Leadership conference

The annual leadership conference for the diocese is planned by Standing Committee and is held in the spring of the year, usually on the first Saturday of March.

Most recent conference: "Opening the Red Doors: What brought us in, will bring others in, too" is the theme of the 2018 Diocesan Leadership Conference presented by the Standing Committee of the Diocese.

The day's conference leader is the Rev. Kimberly Jackson, Associate Rector of All Saints Episcopal Church in Atlanta. She's a public theologian and a fierce community activist. Kim will engage us in thinking about how to increase our appeal and relevance to those who are most often not in church. She will share her own experience as a black lesbian Episcopalian who came to the Episcopal Church in her college years. She will facilitate conversations about what brought the rest of us and how we might use these stories to reach others. The conference will also include workshops for senior and junior wardens, with additional vestry orientation.

Previous years' conference topics include: 2016 "What the Modern Missionary Church Can Learn from the Book of Acts" with presenter Scott Gunn; 2015 "Change in American society and the church" with Dr. Matthew Price.