Offices of the Bishop

1210 Locust St., St. Louis, Missouri 63103


Office parking map

link to larger parking map

  • There are a few visitor spaces in the staff parking lot, to the southwest of the chapel garden and main cathedral entrance.
  • There are some city parking meters around our block, with additional spaces around the public library to our west.
  • The parking lot in the middle south of the building is a private lot, unauthorized cars in any spaces marked "SLU" will be towed.
  • The bank lot to the east of the building is for the use of bank customers during their weekday business hours, but may be used evenings and weekends.
  • There is a parking garage (hourly fee) on the southwest corner of Olive and Tucker, just east of Park Plaza building.

The main entrance to the Offices of the Bishop in the Bishop Tuttle Memorial Building is at 1210 Locust. This entrance is handicap accessible, and is open M-F 9 AM-5 PM.

The main entrance to the cathedral is open M-F 9 AM-4 PM, and during services and events. The entrance door from the parking lots to the south and to the east are open during some events, meetings, and rehearsals. The handicap accessible entrance to the cathedral is also on Locust, and marked on the map.