Safe Church

The Diocese of Missouri has a zero tolerance policy for any type of clergy sexual misconduct.

We define three categories:

  1. sexual abuse of children or others unable to give consent.
  2. The establishment of a sexual relationship (including dating of a parishioner or member of the church's staff) of a cleric in his/her congregation.
  3. Any type of sexual harassment of church employees.

We have in place significant training for congregations, clergy and diocesan leadership to prevent sexual misconduct of clergy.

This training is called Safeguarding God's Children and is required for

  1. all clergy: those ordained and also in the ordination process
  2. all employees
  3. all volunteers who work with children

Every year, these three groups, and each congregation's lay leadership (vestry) read and acknowledge by signature diocesan policy and procedures concerning allegations and incidents of sexual misconduct.

Background checks are required for all clergy

(ordained and in the process of ordination), all employees, and all volunteers who work with children.

We investigate any charges against a member of the clergy immediately upon receiving that charge.

We also move aggressively with any who are guilty of these charges. Diocese of Missouri policies and procedures on sexual misconduct is available on the website:


Issues of Sexual Harassment

Training in sexual harassment awareness and prevention is required of all salaried employees of the Diocese, its congregations, and agencies. Maintenance and clerical employees are not required to have the training but are encouraged to attend a workshop.

Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse

Training in sexual abuse prevention is required of all employees of the Diocese, its congregations, and agencies who work with youth.

The Diocese of Missouri’s Policies and Procedures Concerning Allegations and Incidents of Sexual Misconduct and the Acknowledgement of Receipt of Policies are sent to yearly to each congregation in their annual meeting packets.

On or before April 1 of each year every clergyperson, volunteer who regularly supervises youth activities, Vestry/Bishop’s Committee member, and employee shall sign the Acknowledgment and return to the Offices of the Bishop, 1210 Locust St, St Louis, Missouri 63103.

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Intake Officers under Title IV

The Rev. Sally Weaver, cell: 314-651-3836,


Contact for Safeguarding and Safe Church:

The Rev. Canon Loren Lasch
(314) 231-1220 ext.1383,