Prayer cycles

2019 Diocesan Prayer Cycle

Our diocesan cycle of prayer begins in Advent, and with the first founded parish, Christ Church (now Cathedral) in 1819. We pray for the life and mission of each congregation.

The Diocese of Lui in South Sudan, our companion diocese, has recently been reconfigured. Lui Diocese is now comprised of archdeaconries Lui, Buagyi, Mideh, Matta, Amadi, and Fraser Cathedral, all who have fled from civil war living in diaspora in South Sudan and Uganda. Matta is between Buagyi and Mideh, and hosted displaced people when there was fighting in the area. The newly formed Diocese of Wandi has archdeaconries of Wandi, Kediba, Minga, Lakamadi, and Dari.  We pray for the clergy and people of the Diocese of Lui, and use a similar form to our own diocesan prayers. Bishop Stephen Dokolo is the Bishop of Lui Diocese and the Archbishop of Amadi Province, which includes Lui Diocese. The formal companion diocese relationship with Lui Diocese will end in April 2020. The next companion diocese relationship will be chosen by the eleventh bishop of Missouri working with the Companion Diocese Committee.

Additionally, find the daily prayer cycle for the Anglican Communion online.

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