MOCA list

Missouri Clergy Association began as a group, open to all diocesan clergy, who met several times a year and had a listserv. They were affiliated with the National Network of Episcopal Clergy Associations.

As the years have progressed, the meetings have paused, but the listserv remains and is active.

List administration

  • The group and its list are not administered by the Offices of the Bishop.
  • Not all diocesan clergy subscribe to the MOCA list. 
  • Administrator of the list was the Rev. Dan Handschy, who is no longer working in the Diocese of Missouri. We will list the new administrator here as soon as possible.
  • Clergy new to the diocese or not yet on this email list should email him/her for an invitation.

Lay members of the diocese who have a resource to share with the MOCA list should ask their rector or vicar, or if not subscribed forward to the MOCA list administrator. Not all submissions may be shared with the list at the discretion of the list administrator.

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