Diocesan logo

First and foremost, the cross is the prominent element of the logo. It represents the Christian faith and is based on the crosses used on the Episcopal Church shield. While the colors of the cross are symbolic of nature, the four different colors yield to the church’s respect of diversity. The circle is inclusive of all; all Episcopalians within the diocese belong. The crimson color is based on church liturgy. “The Episcopal Church” appears red and in a different font to connect the Diocese of Missouri to the greater church—even using the red of the Episcopal Church shield.

Before using the diocesan logo, please contact the Communications Office.


The Seal of the Diocese of Missouri

Adopted in 1952, this seal is used by the Bishop of Missouri. All uses of this seal outside of the Offices of the Bishop must be cleared with the Communications office.

The shield includes these elements

  • THE FISH: The most ancient Christian symbol. 
  • ICHTHUS: an acronym on Greek for “Jesus Christ, God’s Son, Saviour.” 
  • THE SHEPHERD’S STAFF: The symbol of pastoral concern and spiritual authority.
  • STRIPES ON THE SIDE OF THE FISH: Marriage of two great rivers: the Missouri and the Mississippi at St. Louis. 
  • CROSS: The Church on the west bank. 
  • 1841: The year the Diocese of Missouri was founded.

More Info

Contact: Janis Greenbaum, diocesan communications director.