Diocesan Alcohol policy

Diocese of Missouri Policy on Alcohol at Church Functions

This policy applies to all groups hosting events on church premises.

1. All applicable federal, state, and local laws are to be obeyed. Under no circumstances may minors consume, sell, or distribute alcoholic beverages. Distributing alcoholic beverages to those who are intoxicated is prohibited.

2. Alcoholic beverages and food containing alcohol must be clearly labeled as such.

3. Whenever alcohol is served, non-alcoholic alternatives are always provided with equal attractiveness, accessibility, and quantity. Food is provided whenever alcohol is available.

4. The serving of alcoholic beverages should not be publicized as an attraction of the event.

5. No event will include alcohol without first consulting with and receiving the consent of the priest in charge of the congregation or his/her designee.

6. Responsible adults are to be in control of the serving of alcoholic beverages. Drunkenness is inappropriate and unacceptable at church events.

7. The furnishing of alcoholic beverages is limited to beer and wine.

8. The priest in charge and Vestry/Bishop’s Committee of the congregation are responsible for ensuring that this policy is disseminated and observed.

9. Chemical distribution other than alcohol is clearly controlled under federal, state, and local laws and, as such, is forbidden at any function.

10. Alcoholic beverages stored on church premises are in locked storage, so that they are not accessible to unsupervised minors.

11. Alcoholic beverages are not to be consumed by adults who accompany minors off church property on a parish-related activity.

12. Any outside group or group advertising to the public that hosts an event on church property and serves alcohol is required to obtain an event rider or certificate of insurance naming the church as loss payee and showing limits of liquor liability equal to the church’s general liability.

13. The Episcopal Recoveries Ministry shall develop nonbinding guidance for consideration by congregations and the diocese.

This policy was approved by the 171st Convention of the Diocese of Missouri in November 2010, in resolution B-171. Download a PDF copy of this policy.