Anglican Covenant Study Materials

In Bishop Wayne Smith's address to the diocese at the 171st annual meeting in November 2010, he pledged to appoint a "diocesan task force to study the Anglican Covenant, to gather data from the diocese, and to distribute their learnings to us by the end of 2011."

In August 2011, he appointed Michael Booker (parishioner, St. Francis'-Eureka), Lisa Fox (parishioner, Grace-Jefferson City, and member of the deputation to General Convention 2012), Michael Kinman (Dean, Christ Church Cathedral), and Doris Westfall (Rector, St. Matthew's-Warson Woods, and member of the deputation to General Convention 2012) to the task force, and charged them with "helping the congregations of the diocese prepare to engage in thoughtful discussions on the proposed Anglican Covenant that will be brought to the General Convention of the Episcopal Church in July of 2012."

The efforts of the task force culminated in the preparation of a discussion packet that includes these resources, many of which are online:

  • A Basic Guide to the Anglican Covenant
  • The Anglican Covenant Text
  • The Anglican Covenant: A Brief Summary of Positions
  • Three essays framing the Covenant: Neil Alexander, Philip Turner, Winnie Varghese
  • The Church Times Annotated Guide to the Anglican Covenant
  • Three Study Guides from: Church of England, Episcopal Church and Church of Canada
  • The Rector’s Ramblings-a pastoral letter to a congregation after General Convention 2009
  • Internet Resources Guide
  • Congregational Survey

The task force writes, "From the very beginning of our work, our hope has been to provide the best and most charitable representations of the positions held on the Anglican Covenant so that a space for generous listening and open hearts could be created. This packet is far from exhaustive, but it is a starting place for those congregations who wish to begin to engage in thoughtful and compassionate dialog."

Anglican Covenant task force discussion materials